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  1. Holster Position references

    I'm new to cc and I'm not quite sure what people mean when they say they carry in the 1 o'clock position, or the 4:30 position. Is that the angle of the gun in the holster or the placement of the holster on your body? I think I have decided it must be the latter. If it is the latter, is one's belly button 12 o'clock?

  3. it is the position of the holster in relation to the clock with the belly button being at the 12 o'clock position. I personally carry at 3 o'clock for an under the waist band holster and for a pancake or Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster i wear it at 3 or 5 o'clock.

    make sure you practice with the draw with whichever position or holster you carry.

  4. As CPW says, it's in relation to where on your body. So, yes, belly button would be 12 o'clock, small of the back 6 o'clock.

    I carry with the gun at 6 o'clock (or very close, slightly offset toward 7 o'clock because I have long arms, so it's more comfortable to reach ever so slightly further,) with the muzzle pointed (if you were looking at me from behind,) down and to the left, grip-up. (So that when I draw - right-handed - the muzzle naturally swings down along my right side before I pull it up.) With my weapon, this position is fully concealed VERY easily, even with a moderately tight over-shirt tucked in. (Although that makes it much harder to draw, so I usually go untucked.)

    When I'm not at a range with an "action range" that allows draw-and-fire practice, I usually practice with my son's airsoft pistol. It's bigger (fake M1911,) but if anything, that makes sure I practice clearing it better.

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    Lol am a heavier guy I carry 5:00 with tilt in the rig to 4:30 IWB tucked mostly.

  6. Be sure to practice drawing from the position you choose. Even a 15 minute shift (I.e. 3:15) makes a diiference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudley View Post
    Be sure to practice drawing from the position you choose. Even a 15 minute shift (I.e. 3:15) makes a diiference.
    This is so true! Also, many people find that the 3 and 9 o'clock positions are the worst to conceal and the most painful because they rest right on the hip bone - just moving it slightly forward or back gives a much more comfortable and concealable wear.

    Also be careful of 6 o'clock directly on your spine, otherwise known as SOB or Small-of-Back carry. If you are knocked on your back or are in a car accident, there is a 5 pound sharp chunk of steel at the base of your spine that can injure or even cripple you. Your carry spot should be completely clear of any bony spot for your own safety so if you fall on your gun you can still pull it and respond! ;)

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    No gunfight was ever won with a speed re-holster. Bring it out fast and put it away slow.

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    I carry at the 3 or 3:30 position see avatar above, sometimes carry fist vertical sholder holster and practice on draw. If in open carry state carry the same. Again where ever you carry practice to develope muscle memory.

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    Im left handed and carry a full size .45 in a crossbreed supertuck. I have my gun at the 8:00 position with a forward cant to the holster. Its very comfortable and conceals my gun well.

  11. Great information!! I think I have figured out that I am most comfortable btwn 1:30 and 2, basically so it's not sitting on my pelvic bone. We'll see if that changes when I get the crossbreed supertuck. So far I've only used an IWB Uncle Mike's for the Ruger LC9.

    Thanks everyone.

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