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    So, the laws suck because BGs get to rob banks and we don't? OR, if the good guys don't follow the rules, why should we? Having a little trouble with the logic here. Nobody said OP couldn't carry a gun, he just didn't obey the law and carry his permit/license. I have my TN DL and HCP in a small leather bifold along with my two medical cards (Retired Military ID and Medicare card) in short essential ID. I even carry the case in my house. If I am not in my PJs or skivvies, I have all important ID on me.
    You did not read my post. I explicitly and specifically specified GUN CONTROL laws. GUN CONTROL laws do one thing: they limit the ability of the law abiding citizen to defend themselves against the criminal who is going to have their gun anyway, regardless of the law. Your bank robbery example... the BG gets to rob a bank USING A GUN - but the GUN CONTROL laws will be what prevents law abiding citizens from being able to lawfully protect themselves during the armed robbery, because in some states it is illegal to carry a gun into a bank.

    It makes NO SENSE to pass a law that makes carrying a gun into a bank illegal. It makes perfect sense to make it illegal to use a gun to rob a bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddhaKat View Post
    Well you would be wrong.

    There are also several Supreme Court rulings, including the recent rulings on Heller (or McDonald, I can't remember which), affirming the local right to regulate just about everything Except ownership in the home and the right of self defense. As much as we all want to see the laws enforced and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, we can only do that through local, state, county, city, laws. Granted, there are a lot of gun laws on the books that we all want to go away, but we're still regulated by local laws.
    Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America Article 6 Supremacy Clause.
    overrules any state or local law that violate your civil liberties.

    Heller and McDonald are specific to 2nd Amendment.

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    I'm not sure about Ohio but in Kentucky it's just a $25 fine and be on your merry way. Since you were arrested it sounds serious and you should probably get a lawyer.

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    In FL you are also required to have your CWP and driver's license if your carrying!

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    Thanks, Seeya. The first link you posted sure spells out a lot of what I had in mind.

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    NC requires the same as above. I carry my permit wether or not am carrying. What I have done is carry it behind my license in my wallet at all times. Good luck in court.

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    So how has this progressed in the meantime?

  9. In the State of Ohio you are guilty of a misdemeanor offence. Which is up to the officers discretion to enforce so its not about right or wrong its about can or cant. You had your gun without your permit good luck.

  10. licence plate

    Here in Ohio I know from experience that my car registration/license plate has a ccw notation placed on it. My daughter was pulled over in my car right in front of house for burnt out headlight upon turning on my scanner I heard my name and statement that owner is a valid ccw permit holder. So I know it's on registration don't know if it carries to license or not.

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    We teach in CCW Class that you are to Carry your Permit and another State ID at all times. You must remember, NOT ALL POLICE ARE CCW FRIENDLY.

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