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    Ccw charge


    I was in an incident last week that I will not go public with until my trial is over, however I was charged with Ccw. I am a valid Ohio Ccw permit holder, however I did not have my permit on me during my arrest but once my name was ran it showed that I did have a valid permit??? was it right or wrong for the officer to charge me with Ccw?

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    I know in Wyoming if you are a permit holder, you must be in possession of your permit when ccing. So I belive it depends on the law where you live. Best of luck my fellow ccwer.

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    New York State requires you to be in posession of your lisence at all times while carrying...I hope all goes well for you.

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    I was in the same boat as you. I decided a 9mm over. 380 or 40 BC of price of ammo. If I'm gonna carry it then I can afford to shoot it more. I decided on the Springfield xd9 sub compact over glock 26 BC of price for what u get, capacity and when u take out the cult following and just look at studies and reviews that leave out the "I just want to own a glock" factor, yhe xd scores better. I carry iwb in dress pants jeans shorts gym shorts whatever no problem.

    If you are planning on carrying a concealed handgun while driving:Have your concealed carry license and another piece of valid government identifcation in your possession.

    This is from the Ohio permit page. This was also covered in your CCW class.

    Depending on how long you have been issued your license will determine if you have a chance of getting it back or not.

    Good luck.

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    In Oklahoma, you are required to have your permit on you, however, you just get a fine for not having it the first time.

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    Depending on state law..Most states if you do not have the permit with you, You are in violation.

  9. I carry my ccw with me at all times whether I am carrying or not.

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    Your CCW permit is like a drivers license, why wouldn`t you have it with you at all times ???.

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    Miles, check in at the OFCC forums at You'll get much more informed help.

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