Sig P250 vs. S&W .40
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Thread: Sig P250 vs. S&W .40

  1. Sig P250 vs. S&W .40

    Looking for advice regarding the Sig P250 versus the Smith and Wesson .40
    Convertibility is nice but if it breaks that's bad. Is a S&W more reliable than a gun that has interchangeable parts with a 9mm?

  3. If you're talking about the sigma, I would steer clear of it.

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    sigmas have a bad rap with some people, i never shot one but didnt like the feel of it, now if ur talking S&M M&P 40, i love it and its my home/work gun and i love it.!

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    I have a compact 9mm P250 and a S&W M&P40c - the M&P is hands down the better of the two (imho)... have hundreds of rounds through both (more through the M&P) and no mechanical issues with either after break in... M&P is also a better carry size if that's a concern...

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    I have a sig P250 in 9mm and a M&P9C they are bot good firearms.

    I had issues with the Sig P250 first Gen. I was lucky to get the 2nd Gen from Sig and that one works just fine.

    I carry both.

  7. I got one.

    I found a deal on a full size .45 p250, so I bought it as a possible inexpensive "nightstand" gun. You know, the one that is out while everything else is safe in the safe. Had my doubts, not crazy about DA only. Whoa!! That thing shoots!! One hole, even if only 7 yards. Flawless funtioning. Too big for carry, but that's not why I boughtg it.

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    well. that is is ok, you can convert it to a subcompact. Just get the caliber exchange for a sub-compact and the subcompact grip and you are set.
    :) that is what I did. It is cheaper that solutions than to buy a 2SUM for the P250.

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