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    My wife's folks are moving from Alabama to Georgia; I live in Virginia. The only states in teh southeast that don't have CCW reciprocity with VA are AL & GA. Anybody know why these states can't get together? (If only H.R. 822 was the law of the land.)

  3. Get AZ through the mail for $65 and get GA and AL plus NV. Reciprocity is very complicated and makes your head hurt. Pray for HR 822 but don't hold your breath.Some 'States Rights' crackpots are opposed, in addition to the usual suspects.

  4. Is HR to include Illinois as well?

  5. No, a state must have it's own CC law so get busy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Sloan View Post
    Is HR to include Illinois as well? only covers states that issue carry permits...and that does include NJ, NY, HI, CA...

  7. What would the deal be for an NJ Resident with a Fla. Non-Res CCP ? How would that work anyone Know??

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    What would the deal be for an NJ Resident with a Fla. Non-Res CCP ? How would that work anyone Know??
    It wouldn't help you at all. You would need a home state permit to carry in your home state. That FL permit would allow you carry in 48 other states tho.

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    It would not surprise me if "may issue" and "no issue" states repeal their carry laws as a result of a national carry bill becoming law, if that would somehow exempt them from such a law. I have not read HR822, so I only know the bare basics of it. Some people find loopholes for good reasons, some people find loopholes for bad reasons. It may be considered unconstitutional, but I could see a few states doing something like that, even if it keeps the issue in appeals court for a significant period of time, just to get their point across. The Philadelphia City council passed a measure that disallows nonresident carry permits in the city, even though the state of Pennsylvania allows them and the state law supposedly can not be superceded by a law from a lesser municipality, but they did it anyway.

    I still worry about the federal government becoming involved in this area, because there are usually trade-offs or surprises that come out after bills are passed.

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