Do not fall victim to this ad.
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Thread: Do not fall victim to this ad.

  1. Do not fall victim to this ad.

    Concealed Handgun Permit


    Online Firearm Safety Course only $29.95! Meets education requirements for Virginia Code 18.2-308(G)(7) and West Virginia Code 61-7-4(11)(d)(3).
    Fastest and least expensive way to meet the education requirements of Virginia and West Virginia.

    This is listed in the WV Instructors page and I have asked that it be removed with no response. WV requires that you take a course that teaches safety and to fire the handgun.

    Additionally, certain counties are refusing to issue if you did not complete a live fire session.

    Last time I checked it impossible to shoot a firearm online.

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    That is why I do not like online instructions -- no matter where I point my gun, e.g., on my screen I will still be the loser no matter what. Oh crap! did I say that?
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    Time to break out the Zapper from my NES days.

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    It is my understanding that Virginia allows for the on-line training due to a recent ruling in that state. Of the two web sites I have looked into, I do not recall either one mentioning West Virginina, but then again, I was reading the sites for for Virginia nonresident permit.

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