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    JSDinTexas Guest
    The nice thing about Glocks is the mags are generally interchangable in the same caliber. So while I carry a G23, I back it up with G22 mags. In a G26 you can carry G17 mags.

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    I always carry two extra magazines for my Glock 19. Fortysix rounds with me everywhere I go. Why? Why not?

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    I carry two spare mags for my Glock 23. You'll never know what to expect next.
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    Two backups for the 1911; One backup for the Walther.

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  6. ALWAYS have at least one spare mag on me at all times.

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    I have always carried two extra mags in for my Springfield XD 9, all three are concidered Hi-Cap. My BUG is a Walther PSS 9 with two extra mags. Never know what situation one may happen upon, wou;d rarher have more than not enough.
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    I carry two for my XD 45. It helps balance the weight of the weapon too.

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    One extra 13rd mag for my XD9SC and a BUG Riger LCP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961:230113
    Hello all, I carry a Glock 26 Gen 4, all say everyday, however I never put any thought into carrying extra magazines. How many of you that carry on a daily basis, carry an extra magazines, or two for that matter?

    Just trying to get some opinions in this matter. I

    Thanks in advance!
    I carry a Glock 27 and I carry one extra magazine. I hope I never have to use it be we are living in crazy times. Just need to be prepared!

  11. I carry 13+1 of 9mm in a proven, tested mag. If I need more than that, I shouldn't be where I am.

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