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Thread: Extra magazines?

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    Always carry spare mags. I carry guns in pairs, so spare mags fit either gun.
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    in a semi auto pistol the most common failures are magazine issues. It is always wise to be able to swap mags. That being said...I carry the mag in the gun and two spare mags.

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    Two spare magazines. The Miami Classic shoulder holster system is a great setup.

  5. My Glock23 .40 has a high cap Mag. Since the Mags loaded are a lot of weight I seldom carry extra,since getting my .380 PPK/S it's Mag. only holds 7rds so I have extra Mags for it, they are small and thin and very lite so I stick one in my pocket.

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    spare mags

    always at least 1. would like to do 2 but there's a bunch of stuff on my belt already.

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    How many spare mags

    I always carry 1. I would like to think I could stop the threat with what is in the gun, the spare is for buddies of the attacker.

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    Me carry at least one extra loaded mag. Me thinks it's a good idea.
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    Two spare mags.
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