These bills, SB 58 and HB 4009, have been languishing in the judiciary committees of both houses in Lansing since January. The bills are identical, and they would effectively do away with pistol free zones in Michigan for anyone holding a CPL.

You need to take a moment to contact the following two individuals to ask them to schedule committee hearings on these bills as soon as possible; they are setting up the schedule for hearings right now:

Senator Rick Jones, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee: [email protected]
Representative John Walsh, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee: [email protected]

And when you're done with that, take one more moment to contact the senator and representative from your district and ask them to co-sponsor these bills!

Also, everyone needs to contact their representative in DC and ask them to get behind HR 822, the National Right to Carry Concealed Reciprocity Act of 2011 ASAP!!!