Myths about H.R. 822
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Thread: Myths about H.R. 822

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    Myths about H.R. 822

    Follow the followimg link for answers about some of the comon myths about H.R. 822. Included on the link is a brief description of the sub comity on crime and terrorism.

    Answers to questions like:

    If I live in Nj (The ranking arm pit of the world) and have an out of state permit will I be able to carry in Stirsey? Yes

    Will there be a federal minimum standard? No

    Will there be a federal registration of ccw holders? No

    Its an interisting link ccwers check it out!

    Lets stop all of the rumors that could diminish support for the bill amung 2A people!

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    Thanks for posting this. My feelings about this bill have been that if there was a concern about it being a smoke screen for federal interference the NRA-ILA would be all over it rather than encouraging contacting legislators to support it.

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    Not worried about rumors. My concern is simply the blatant pragmatism inherent in the incongruity between a state's right position and pushing for federal legislation that overrules state's rights. I am not comfortable with changing views from day-to-day simply to suit specific issues - one either has a philosophy or they do not. States should be pressured by their law-abiding CC citizens to establish reciprocity agreements, not abrogate that role to the federal government they would normally want limited as a matter of convenience.

    To each their own, but some positions are larger than the 2A.
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    I don't see the NJ portion at that link. Could you highlight it for me? The way the bill is worded it most certainly would not help NJ residents.

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    Once a bill becomes law it immediately starts getting modified and amended. The original laws establishing the ATF did not give it the broad powers that the BATF now has. No law is cast in stone. Once it is in effect it is wide open to amendment and court decisions. It isn't the wording of the present law that keeps some of us in a state of worry. It is what the law may read like or how it may be interpreted5-10 years from now. I also agree that this is a gross violation of states' rights.

    As far as the NRA is concerned, it is Republican Party lackey and will do whatever it's political masters tell it to do. It needs their money to keep existing. If a Republican sponsors a gun control bill (and some have) the NRA says nothing. If a Democrat sponsors a gun control bill (and many have!) the NRA is all over them. Their agenda is political, not gun control.

    I am a former Republican voter and now an Independent. The party propaganda machine has swayed just as many minds as the liberal press has done. I don't trust the NRA anymore.

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    Simple answer is make cc license in any state legal as a drivers license in all states and simply remove the federal school zone from affecting license, my Texas drivers license is good in a NJ school zone why not my CC license.

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    Your welcome! We have to muster more support amung 2a's!

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    Further down in the article is a myth vs truth segment check it out.

  10. CWP Reciprocity should be like that for Driver's Licenses

    If States can handle people from elsewhere driving, they can do the same with CWP. As with drivers, the CWP holder is responsible for knowing the rules wherever they carry.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Simple answer is make cc license in any state legal as a drivers license in all states and simply remove the federal school zone from affecting license, my Texas drivers license is good in a NJ school zone why not my CC license.
    Simply because it's New Jersey. New Jersey = dem r rats

    I am a NJ resident myself not proud of it but its life right now. Grew up in Philly and at the time NJ was my best option for my kids not growing up in Philly and it is also my place of employment. If I could rewind time believe me I would. I can't stand it here and sometimes I wonder if staying in Philly would have been better. Bucks County where I was looking at before I moved to the armpit we call New Jersey was way out of my price range. For some reason Real Estate was out of control in Bucks county and believe it or not NJ was economically my best move financially but, as we all know now NJ is the most corrupt state around. My taxes have almost doubled in 10 years it’s a bleeping joke. This flaming liberal state I can’t wait to get out.

    I don’t know how I feel about this bill; I depend on non res permits. will it mess with what I have? I don’t want to lose the little gun freedoms I have.

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