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Thread: full sized handguns for concealed carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1967 View Post
    Recently read an article in a gun magazine, the author pointed out that in his opinion that makes more sense than carrying a teeny tiny gun with almost no sights and very limited ammo. His opinion was that it makes more sense to bring a full sized reliable gun with enough capacity and be able to use it effectively than a mousegun and just hope for the best.

    His line of reasoning was that with a little bit of effort, full sized guns are quite concealable under some sort of cover garment.
    Most of us would love to be employed so as to choose our "cover garments" that would allow CC of a more effective handgun, but not everyone is so lucky. True, holsters like the Super Tuck will allow tucked in CCW, but when you bend over in the course of the day in front of customers, bosses, etc it is a bit chancy IMHO, depending on your job. There is still a bulge in the belt with clips (unless you opt for the velcro belt/clip option) but the bulge is still present.

    Having said that, I carried a mid sized glock for years with a tucked in polo shirt at a former employ, but they were CCW friendly. I guess maybe I'm starting to think there are only a few out there, actually, that cannot hide a more useful gun. Me thinks I agree that there are ways to carry a mid to full sized handgun for most people. Not all, like hospital workers, etc, but for a good many there are options.
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    I always carry a full size service pistol. It is what I have. It is what I am used to and it is what I have practiced and trained with. That said a good pancake holster and an overshirt that is intentionally loose fitting fill the bill nicely. I prefer a cape back type outfitters shirt here in Northwest Florida. I blend right in to the indiginous populace and blending is good.

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    During winter, when my husband is not looking, I carry his 1911 with me when we both go out together. So far I haven't been caught yet. It is actually easy to OWB it and cover it with a coat.
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    I agree with this as well as I personally carry my full size Glock 21 in 45Acp Caliber, and two extra Mags with no one being aware or recieving any strange looks.

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    If you feel the need to carry, you better carry something good. I carry full size.

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    I usually carry Glock 36's or LWT Commander's. No problems concealing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n4sxx View Post
    I have to agree with the writer I have no problem concealing my full frame Glock Model 22
    In a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system?

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    I carry a full size 1911 in a crossbreed supertuck, I have no problem concealing it and its very comfortable. I also carry two extra magazines. In my opinion you will get better results with a larger caliber weapon.

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    I carry a full size M&P 40, most of the time my wife don't know that I have it.

  11. I see their point and it makes sense at times I carry my full sized weapon I really don't care if it prints Ill wear a t shirt and a button down over it and im on my way Im just cautious if the wind blows not to have it in plain view

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