full sized handguns for concealed carry
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Thread: full sized handguns for concealed carry

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    full sized handguns for concealed carry

    Recently read an article in a gun magazine, the author pointed out that in his opinion that makes more sense than carrying a teeny tiny gun with almost no sights and very limited ammo. His opinion was that it makes more sense to bring a full sized reliable gun with enough capacity and be able to use it effectively than a mousegun and just hope for the best.

    His line of reasoning was that with a little bit of effort, full sized guns are quite concealable under some sort of cover garment.

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    I have to agree with the writer I have no problem concealing my full frame Glock Model 22
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  4. I've heard a few sources recommending carrying the biggest gun you can safely shoot. For accuracy and round capacity. I'm 6'8" I can conceal my 5"1911 in my pocket. :-)

  5. It took me 3 years of research to develop my carry philosophy, which included making sure my rationale was sound, and choice of weapon. My only carry weapon is an XD(m) 40 3.8 Compact. It conceals nicely with a super tuck IWB. It provides stopping power, ammo capacity, safety.

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    I carry a colt combat commander and 40 rounds of ammo year round including shorts and flower print shirt in summer no problem.

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    I generally carry an XD9sc loaded with the smaller 13 round mag for conceal-ability and carry 1 or 2 extended mags for additional firepower if needed. But there are times when a smaller pistol is required. My goal is to blend in as bets as possible. I feel safer being part of the background. For these times I'll opt for my CM9 or even my LCP.

  8. Since I have no problem concealing a full size pistol (even in the summer) and don't find it uncomfortable, I don't see any point in carrying something smaller. I shoot the full size better, I can easily mount a light on it and I can carry much more ammo in the gun. So I carry a full-size M&P9 with a TLR-1 IWB at all times (except showering and sleeping). It just makes sense to me.

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    I remember our CCW instructor, who was kind of a little guy, successfully concealed an FN 5.7 with a silencer in a shoulder holster. He went almost to the end of the 3hr class before revealing it. Quite effective when you consider that I sat 3 feet away from him and spent much of the class looking for a concealed weapon on him (I figured being a CC instructor he had to have something on him). Of course he had to wear an overshirt to do it.....something I'm not crazy about doing in the heat and humidity of S. Florida. I do that in Jan/Feb (and CC my HK2000 in a Fobus) when it's cooler and comfortable.

    On Friday I took all 3 of my pocket guns to the range. I was very happy with the results of my double-taps at 15-25 feet. Sure, it would be nice to be armed with one of my larger pistols but I'm not willing to be sweaty and miserable all the time just to do so. I'm confident I can accomplish my goal of defending myself* if I ever need to.

    * Note: "Defending myself" means to extract myself (and possibly family/friends) from a dangerous situation. It does not mean engage in a running gun battle with with BGs.
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    I carry a full size s&w m&p .357 sig, very well and quite comfortable with a Don Hume iwb holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb1965 View Post
    I've heard a few sources recommending carrying the biggest gun you can safely shoot. For accuracy and round capacity. I'm 6'8" I can conceal my 5"1911 in my pocket. :-)
    I am not 6'8'', I am 6' and 275. I have been considering an FNH FNP .45 for the simple fact of 15 rounds and well... It's a .45!
    Need I say more?

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