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    Hello I have a Virginia CCW nonresident and I am visiting someone at a Virginia College. I know CCW is not permitted on campus but I believe you can have a gun in the car as long as it is not in the center console or glove box and unloaded so as I interpret below the trunk is a closed container meaning I can put my gun in the trunk without its box or container. Now I have an SUV so, I believe now it would have to be in a firearm box or container. Does it have to be locked since the SUV is open throughout? Although I don't expect to have my firearm while I am on the campus but, I probably will the last day when I drop the person back off and won't have access to my hotel anymore so I will have no choice but to have it in my possession Thank you

    School property/school functions (School busses are school property) unless gun is unloaded, in an enclosed container (but NOT in the glove box or console) and in the vehicle. A car's trunk is considered an enclosed container. However, a concealed handgun permit holder can have a loaded, concealed handgun in the vehicle while in the school parking lot, traffic circle, etc. The concealed handgun and the permit holder must stay in the vehicle. Firearms are not banned from property open to the public where a school function is being held unless that property is being used exclusively for the school function. Violation of this statute is a felony. 18.2-308.1

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    VA Universities don't count in that definition.

    There is no prohibition on carrying on college campuses

    VA AG Opinion

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    I'll be honest I don't get that from that but, then again I am not a lawyer and don't understand all the double talk. The universal prohibition of firearms by properly permitted persons other than students, faculty, administration, or employees, however, is not allowed under law. IMO that says it all.

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