CCW in Indiana when not a resident
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Thread: CCW in Indiana when not a resident

  1. CCW in Indiana when not a resident

    I am a new CCW permit holder. I live in Wisconsin, but hold Utah and Florida permits. I will be traveling to Indiana and was a bit confused about what I read. The stuff I read said that you need a handgun license in Indiana, but then said that it honors other states laws, which in Wisconsin you don't need a license. It also said that Indiana honors CCW permits from other states. Am I able to carry in Indiana with my Utah and Florida permits?

  3. yes

    Yes, you can carry here in Indiana. Our state recognises all other states carry permits.

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    As long as you're not an Indiana resident, you're free to carry here on any other state's permit.

  5. Thanks! I thought so but wanted to check and make sure.

  6. Yeah Indiana rocks for carry laws. I love it here

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