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    I like the professional models at n82tactical, but they done have the storm unfortunately. I have an original and works just fine for me

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    Which PX4 do you have? Mine is the "F" Double/Single action. I've tried the Double action only models and I didn't like them any more than I like any DAO (like all Glocks) handgun. If Glock ever does come out with a double/single action model, I will give it more than a fair chance at winning me over because I do know they make fine weapons. (despite the fact I think they are butt-ugly! LOL!)
    I also have the "F" model. I am a bit confused by people saying that Glocks are DAO though. In my mind DAO is that you must rest the trigger all the way to the start and pull it again in order to fire. On a Glock, you can pull the trigger from the start for the first shot, then release it only to the rest point and for the second shot have a shorter and lighter trigger pull just like the SA/DA on the PX4 model "F". The 17 I had would do this and it is how I was trained to shoot it. Is this not the case on Glocks anymore? Just curious cuz I have been looking at a Glock 26.

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