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  1. Beretta PX4 for CC

    I have a S&W Bodyguard .380 that I plan to carry most of the time, but I would really like to carry my full size Beretta PX4 in 9mm concealed. Does any one carry a PX4? I have seen the Crossbreed holsters and they seem like a good option. I really like the feel of the PX4 in my hand and would like to carry it more often than not. Opinions?

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    Welcome to carrying. I don't carry that weapon, but the Crossbreed Holster is quality. I would recommend the horsehide. Make sure you have a very good belt.

    I carry a FS 1911 in mine.

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    You can easily carry the PX4 concealed. I am one of the many fans of the Crossbreed holsters and carry a full size M&P in a Crossbreed all day long. As stated above, make sure you have a good belt. There are other good IWB holsters that will work for you too. Concealing any firearm depends on the style of carry and how you dress. You may have to try several holsters before you find the right one for your firearm. Good luck!

  5. I carried the subcompact PX4 very comfortably in a crossbreed supertuck. It could easily have been the full sized as the supertuck is one great holster.
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  6. I considered the Crossbreed for my Glock due to a Glocks thickness. I settled on Galcos King Tuck copy of the Crossbreed. No waiting, cheaper, don't have to pay extra for the "combat cut". I like the Crossbreed because you can get it in horsehide but I dislike the crosses on the beltclips. A third option is White Hats hybrid holster. They advertise that you can get different kydex molds for the same holster so you can switch up with out having a drawer full of holsters. More leather and color options with them as well.

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    I carry a full sized M&P 9mm in a Kholster IWB Holster and have no problem concealing that - the Storm would be no different. I also own a PX4 Storm but it's the subcompact so I comfortabley carry that on my ankle. Oddly enough, I've also got the Bodyguard 380 and love it for pocket carry.

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    I also have a 9mm Px4 Beretta (full size), and took advantage of Beretta's free poly holster offer, which is a very good carry (snaps into and out of it pretty easily). For this particular holster, it seems to work best as either middle of the back, or 4 o'clock position, but then that tends to be whatever you personally find to be most comfortable. That said, my usual carry weapon is a Taurus .357 Magnum w/ 2" barrel. I agree the Px4 is a great firearm, feels great and is one I'm proud to have in my collection. I'm just needing the additional firepower as a camper/hiker/backpacker, and bears have no sense of humor. I'm also trying to figure the best holster for a newer buy, as I just got a Ruger GP100 (also in .357 Magnum, 4" barrel). Will probably go with a fanny pack holster for the woods on this one..

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    Why not? There is a trend that people believe they need ever smaller guns for concealed carry, but ... I prefer to carry a big more gun should I ever need to use it. I carry a XD9SC every day and I find it reasonably easy to conceal.

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    I carry a PX4 .45 in a Simply Rugged 'Cuda' IWB holster with a good belt. It works fine for me. Easy to conceal at the 4 o'clock position. It does start to weigh down a bit at the end of the day and I've found that I need to adjust once in a while.
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    Another thing you could look at is getting an N8^ holster or google it. Designed by two guys named Nate for IWB carry and I use it for my px4 storm subcompact. they have a full size px4 storm one too. Highly recommend checking it out and look at the fitting chart and find your firearm. I can carry mine in shorts and a t-shirt and you can see my storm. Works great for shorts and decent for pants. Quick draw too and moisture barrier is awesome to avoid rust.

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