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Thread: Crackhead attacks car what would you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    You know... the fact that he is wailing on the car with an object long and hard enough to dent the fenders, break the head light and the windows, fall into the classification of assault with a deadly weapon. And his mental state adds to the equation. armed and whacko. Yep formula for a dead man.
    In Colorado, that is not assault because he only damaged the car, not the person. It can be seen as menacing however, if you can prove his intent was to cause bodily harm. But good luck in court defending yourself for killing a man for menacing.

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    In Missouri, this is not an assault on my car. He breaks my window, I will shoot. Besides, he will not attempt to do this to my car because I will just open my passenger window and my dog will maul him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    In Missouri, this is not an assault on my car. He breaks my window, I will shoot. Besides, he will not attempt to do this to my car because I will just open my passenger window and my dog will maul him.
    Good puppies. I miss my Rottin Kids.

    Several opportunities to turn him into a greasy spot with the car. His hitting the fender is one thing, he breaks a window - my logical conclusion is he is gaining entrance to commit a forcible felony. At that point I will do what is required to end the threat.
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  5. One has to wonder about the setup on this video. Dedicated camera operator records a long harangue before the berserker grabs the tire iron or whatever it was. Fairly steady camera work too. Looks like someone set up a performance just for YouTube. It would be just a little too much for me to believe that the victims were in on it.
    Maybe we could charge the camera operator with inciting a riot.

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    Many things about this depend on what jurisdiction your in and what your Attorney General feels should be prosecuted. If your state allows Castle Law to extend to your vehicle then this is a legal no-brainer as you are allowed to defend yourself as soon as he tries to breech your car with his handheld weapon. You can either use your firearm or run him over or crush him in between vehicles if you do not want the 2-mile liability of a stray round. Just be sure not to try something like "knocking him down to immobilize him" with a vehicle; a reasonable person, a judge and any Attorney General would qualify a 4,500 lb vehicle as a "Deadly Weapon" at any speed. Just remember, type of weapon does not matter in the eyes of the law - if you are justified in killing him, you can shoot him, stab him, run him over, throw him off a building, hypnotize him to walk into a fan, whatever.

    If your state law or your personal convictions does not allow you to take his life unless he is putting holes in you first, make sure to use the surrounding area to your full advantage. For example, when someone is trying to kill you, drive on the sidewalk! Also honk to try to get drivers in front of you to move. If they don't, put your car in first gear and move them - that's what bumpers were made for. Push between two cars, especially if one is partially turned, it will spin away when struck and you will free yourself. Do not stop for red lights, stop signs or anything else. The fact is you are TRYING to attract the attention of the cops or get someone to call them! The worse your behavior, the more likely that someone will call the police and you will get help! Again, this is to evade the attacker at all costs and leave him alive; it seemed like the guy in the video was more worried about getting a ticket for running a red light or going on the sidewalk than getting his family to safety, but as always, the video might not have shown everything.
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    Ok, here are the factors: Aggravated assault with a weapon capable of causing great bodily injury or death. No apparent motive other than hate or insanity, and no concept of the attacker's goal (i.e., when he will stop the attack). No escape route. And unless you genuinely believe that the guy was asking the CAR "what you gonna do about it?" then any occupant of the vehicle should feel in very real and genuine threat of immediate life threatening harm.

    That having been said...

    Shoot. Assess. Repeat as necessary until the threat is no longer present. Go home and have dinner with your family. Call the insurance company and make arrangements to get the dead crackhead juice off your car. 'Nuff said.

  8. Have to agree with most of what was said above. I would try to move out of the way but once that pipe comes through the window it would be two in the chest, one in the head.

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    It looks fairly simple, you drive off as possible, and over him if he gets in front of the car. If he breaks a window, he gets shot. Of course you call 911 as quickly as possible.

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    In SC, Castle Doctrine is alive and well in your car. Forcibly attack my car while I am in it, I will use my firearm on the presumption, as described by the law, that there is an imminent threat to my life. The idea that I will spend a moment thinking about an alternative "humane" methodology while I am in my car with no where to go is preposterous, other than slamming on the gas and getting the heck out of there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Call 911 and attempt to position myself where I could safely shoot the criminal if the situation developed where someone became in danger of being harmed. It would be tough to get a clean shot without risking innocents in that situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raider-3 View Post
    This is the responsible answer
    I agree!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    Not entirely. You need to be able to prove you feared great bodily harm or death, not just being harmed.
    Unfortunately for this victim, this happened in Kommifornia.

    Clearly, you do NOT understand Castle Doctrine!

    I'm not sure about other states. But, if this happens in SC, the "LAW" presumes the BG is attempting to harm or kill you.

    I'll put this in real simple terms: Castle Doctrine (at least in SC) places the "burden" to substantiate "just cause" for attempting to harm or kill you on the BG. (In other words, the GG has NO obligation to "prove" ANYTHING!)

    It is "ASSUMED" by SC law that the BG was trying to cause you great bodily harm or death!

    Quote Originally Posted by twogunwilly View Post
    The headline would read "Cracker smokes crackhead, nobody cared"
    If Navy had the most responsible answer, "twogunwilly" has the best!


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