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Thread: Crackhead attacks car what would you do?

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    Just watching, I was in fear of the safety of the people in the vehicle.

    If I was in that car, he would have been shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    I agree!

    Unfortunately for this victim, this happened in Kommifornia.

    Clearly, you do NOT understand Castle Doctrine!

    I'm not sure about other states. But, if this happens in SC, the "LAW" presumes the BG is attempting to harm or kill you.

    I'll put this in real simple terms: Castle Doctrine (at least in SC) places the "burden" to substantiate "just cause" for attempting to harm or kill you on the BG. (In other words, the GG has NO obligation to "prove" ANYTHING!)

    It is "ASSUMED" by SC law that the BG was trying to cause you great bodily harm or death!

    If Navy had the most responsible answer, "twogunwilly" has the best!

    If it happened in CA the victim really was good and truly screwed. Well, I guess he could have peppersprayed the crackhead and driven off.

  4. Since I can't carry (Kalifornia) I would just "bump" him with my car.

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    I think this was talked about a few months ago, just cannot find the link to it,
    but I would call 911, and try to drive away. but this guy was somehow unable to move his car. Why?
    Anyway. Yes you can shoot him...he has a tire iron (deadly weapon) swinging at you, but he did not break the window. Your not in danger, you can drive away, if you drive over him...well he was in the way...if he ends up under the car…it is his fault, not yours.
    your car can also be used as a weapon, Why did the driver not use it? Unknown to me, but I sure will use my crown victoria to ram the guy in to submission.. Remember the objective is to stop...Crown victoria's are made to stop people. Nothing is better than to push someone with a crown vic... Easy defense.
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    Pull him aside and explain to him that he is acting in a very impolite manner. Discuss the possibility of helping him furthering his education as to improve his grammar skills and improve his chances of becoming a productive member of our society. Ok, not really! shoot the m**********r and help clean the gene pool.

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    If he did that to my truck.. He'd be dead or dying...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Drag him into the car, shoot him between the eyes, stab myself in the shoulder, put the knife in his hand-one less crackhead. It was on vid-call leo have him arested and pay his way through the court system til he walked out the back door of the court house. U pic

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    That is assault with a deadly weapon...give the circumstances if he tried to enter the vehicle and I was in it he would be dealt with until the threat ceased to exist.

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    Food for thought here for sure. I think that from a car it would be more difficult to get a good shot (or two) off and be certain the round(s) hit center... I've read, from Gabe Suarez (ok, no, I don't have a link to the quote, please forgive) that you either drive OR shoot, not both. I dunno, I feel for the person driving trying to get outa there but at the same time I'm glad me or my family was not in that car. I woulda likely been a curb hopp'n fool to get outa there, as far as I can see from "here". Another reason not to drive a micro-car but a capable 4 WD vehicle that can curb hop and remove newspaper dispensers and bus benches.

    That would change tho if someone with me was being hit or worse, then, and who knows, I might put in park and get out to be better able to shoot effectively. My thought tho, is that I'd better have some ammo with me as this guy will likely not have been alone. A dangerous place to be indeed.

    Ok, found the link so we can skip the brow beating: Defense Review - Drive Or Shoot? A Study Of Vehicle Defense.
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    ...Shoot Him....
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name. Internet forum dedicated to second amendment

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