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Thread: Crackhead attacks car what would you do?

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    Got out of the car,
    Shot him in the leg, called 911 and then said what u going to do now MF'er

  3. Yeah like previously stated that is las Vegas. Castle doctrine or not anyone would assume that dude can and will kill you and any of those swings with a tire iron could shatter the window and crack your head open. They couldn't move in las Vegas traffic and would have been justified 100% if he got a clip unloaded in him

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    I really think y'all are overthinking this. Drive away if possible, which wasn't in this case.

    Draw and fire until the threat to you is stopped.

    Everyone here has had the benefit to see this video until the end, but for the innocent victim in the car who didn't know how it was going to turn out that was an eternity of rage.

    One interesting thought. We are so ingrained with following the rules that the unarmed person in the car was unwilling to save their own life to disobey some; forcefully pushing the car in front of them to make room to escape (yeah, I saw the other right-of-way traffic moving left to right) or sideswiping the other vehicles to squeeze between them to escape.

  5. Really old video get with the times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    Oops! I accidentally backed over him while trying to escape.
    That's the first thought that came to mind. However, I really believe shooting would have been justified because the occupants of the vehicle didn't know it was strictly intimidation and a reasonable person should have been able to fear for their life

  7. If I were in that car I would have shot that psycho without doubt or hesitation. I guarantee you when the authorities looked over his rap-sheet they would say "Sir, you are free to go. Have a nice evening."
    I'm not sure if that was a werewolf, or a hairy homeless guy... either way... the silver bullets worked.

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