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Thread: Has anyone bought the insurance from usconcealedcarry.com?

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    The whole "insurance that's not insurance" idea made me uncomfortable with purchasing it. In addition I don't appreciate the idea that now you must purchase it when your USCCA membership expires or you can't renew. I don't like the idea that you are compelled to buy something . Sound familiar?
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  3. I'm new here,so I'm just learning this system. this post is making me think. thanks for your viewpoint.

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    Welcome to the forum "Typhoon22" since I made my other two posts about USCCA I've dumped them. Its a SCAM, there magazine isn't that good either.
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    I have purchased Insurance through an NRA vendor. Partly because I am an Instructor, and need it to teach at commercial facilities owned by others. The agent offered a rider that provides payment for legal representation in the event that I had to use my firearm in the defense of my life, or the life of another.

    I think it money well spent, and it is not that expensive. Thanks to this post, it reminded me that it is nearly time to renew.

    It really is very similar to the protection I had through my union when I was a Police Officer. Yep! Police have the same kind of protection. The only difference was that the union provided the attorney that the dues paid for. Most officers would not even belong to the union if it were not for that very important protection.

    Non-police personnel who carry would be wise to consider getting some protection similar to what police have.Even if you are perfectly right in the use of your weapon, and like we were found of saying, "I would rather be judged by twelve, than be carried by six". You can be found innocent in a court of criminal law, and still get jammed up in a civil court. I have seen it far too often, to ever take it for granted.

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