Has anyone bought the insurance from usconcealedcarry.com?
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Thread: Has anyone bought the insurance from usconcealedcarry.com?

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    Has anyone bought the insurance from usconcealedcarry.com?

    Is this legit and is it worth it? It claims that it will help you if you ever need legal or civil help due to using your firearm for defensive purposes.


  3. I've looked into "Second Amendment Insurance" before; there are a few providers. But I haven't heard of anyone who bought it actually using it, so I don't have any good information. I'm hoping someone who HAS had to use it chimes in, I'd like to know a little more before buying it.

  4. I purchased when it was first introduced. Like any other insurance, I pray I never actually need it, but should that happen I know I can get immediate legal assistance. Why this one and not another? - I trust Tim S. and his organization.

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    I bought an umbrella policy through my normal insurance provider. It cost me $12 a month for $1 million in coverage. I found a CCW friendly lawyer by asking around.

  6. I bought it too. Fortunately I've not needed to use it.


  7. I bought it, hope to not need it.

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    I also have it. As well as some additonal insurance from my local agent. Cost is minimual and the benefit may be tremedous if it's ever needed. Pray it won't be
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    I bought it for me and the wife when it first came out. I also trust Tim.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by srajala View Post
    Cost is minimual and the benefit may be tremedous if it's ever needed. Pray it won't be
    Cost is up there on a fixed income, but under consideration to purchase. I have asked Tim about the nature of the firms under retainer, their real time court room experience, their approach to defense i.e. how active in strategies, how much prior contact with defendant, &c. Also the various firms and attorneys under retainer, and their local contact numbers for that 'one call' during interrogation when the ability to depart becomes an issue prior to arrest or during the arrest process.

    Post incident you will be in shock, so what is said is critical to not being arrested, even if the shooting was 'good' under state laws; having consul present during this time is critical. Also included are any cases handled over the last 5 years, case numbers, charges and specifics which are published in the Court Findings.

    The above may seem to be nit picking, but are proof of how good the insurance program is at defending. The questions were posed very recently, so answers are probably a couple of weeks out. I'll post the answers offered.

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    I suspect an umbrella policy is not equivalent. But probably a good idea for anyone with our litigious society where lawyer speak has replaced common sense and we believe that insurance money is free; firearm user or not.

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