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    New to Pistol Permits/CCW Active Duty Army

    I'm new to the forum, so hello. My name is Justin, 21 years old. I'm currently serving as an Infantrymen; Active Duty Army. I'm on my first deployment, currently in Talil, Iraq.

    Question is, or question(S), I'm looking to buy a handgun on the return of my deployment. I am a resident of NYS; Onondaga County. I am stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. I'd like to have a CCW in both NYS and TX and the states to and from, due to the fact that I usually drive home on leave. I haven't seen many gun shops in NYS so I plan to buy either Online or in TX. I was wondering what steps I have to take from either buying it online or from a gun shop, I.E, do I find a gun shop first, notify them I'm ordering a handgun online and have the shipping address as my home or as the gun shop. What identification do I need to provide along with military orders?, handgun qualifications, ect. From there do I have to apply for a permit to own the handgun or is that settled through and with the gun shop. Does that permit allow secured transport in a vehicle and is it only good in one state?

    On to the CCW. I plan to try and receive that in NYS because it will also be valid in TX. Where do I have to go for the paperwork and or guidance on applying for and receiving the CCW? What paperwork will I need ahead of time and what problems, if any, should I be prepared to encounter? Also is a CCW required to carry a concealed weapon inside the glove box, or other compartment in a vehicle in NYS or TX?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong thread or seems quite unclear. I've never owned a personal firearm, though as an Infantrymen I'm qualified on every of our weapon systems and currently carry an M249 with 100 round nutsack daily so I'm not new to the use and safety of weapons. Thanks in advance.
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    In NYS the permit is required to own the gun, let alone have it in your glove box or on your person. Being in Syracuse, or the county conataining Syracuse anyway, you will probably have a restricted permit that allows you to own but not carry the handgun. (usually they allow for carrying at home, while at a shooting range, or hunting). But yeah, an unrestricted permit would allow you to carry it loaded on you or in your vehicle.

    The process starts at the county court or Sheriffs office. Up in Jefferson County its the Sheriffs, IDK about Onondaga. They can give you the application and and instructions. NYS requires a basic safety course, and either the Sheriff or a gun shop can help you find a course. You'll need several forms of ID, probably contact info for your C.O., character references, fingerprints, FBI background check, and probably an interview w/ judge or detective. Heads up; plan to wait a year for your permit. No joke.

    As for gun shops, there is always Gander Mountain in Cicero, Bass Pro might have handguns in Auburn, I've never been there. You don't have to buy it in the county, but i think it does have to be within the state.

    I wouldn't bother buying online just because "there are no gun shops". Its too much of a hassle when the gun shops are there. In addition to gander in Cicero and Watertown, theres a local shop in Booneville i think. Its a bit out of town, but its there.

    When you buy the gun, you go to the store and put your money down and they give you the make, model, and serial number. You take that to the sheriff and they give you a sort of voucher that says that gun is on your permit to take to the gun shop. Once the gun dealer has that paper, they can complete the transfer to you.

    After typing ALL of this, my advice is to just get a Texas permit and only come home when you need to, and bring some knives instead.

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    Glad you got a good answer up there. Just wanted to say my daughter was down there at Fort Bliss, but is now medically discharged with a bone issue. Anyway, she was an MP.

    Thank you, sir, for your service. You have nothing to apologize for and hope you know many of us who read this will feel a certain pride that there are young people do indeed understand that freedom is not free and are willing to pay for it with thier blood, sweat and tears.

    Be safe, get home and good luck with your future purchase(s)! You will be in my prayers tonight.
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    Before I say anything too...allow me to thank you for your service and I wish to God you will come home in one piece just as you did when you got out of here. Anyway, welcome to this forum, to this group...from Missouri.
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    Thanks a lot to every and thank you much for answering my question. Very clear and precise.
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    I'd like to take my mother shooting on leave, as she never has. Is it possible to buy my handgun in NYS, get a regular owners permit then drive back to TX (Locked without ammo in the trunk) then try for my CCW with that weapon? Or do I need to buy the handgun in TX?
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    Take your ID card and PCS orders to a local shop buy what you want and take it home. (If your living on base find out what you have to do as far as storage.) Call the sheriff's office and tell them your on active duty and will be coming back to New York. Ask if they will mail you the app. You may have to to split the process between trips. You can buy a gun in TX so there is no need to wait for the NY stuff. Just don't bring it back to NY till you have one. There website says you need a class from their approved instructors. But they may take you military training, so ask. TX CCW is easy and free, but you still need to take the class.

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    TX doesn't care where you bought the firearm. If you don't have a TX ID go get one. All that does is show you have a local address, it doesn't change state of residency. With that ID card and your orders to a base in TX you qualify to get a CCW permit as a resident. TX waives the permit fee for active duty, another plus. You will have to take a CCW course but most of those not only cover the law but make sure your paperwork is filled out correctly, take the photos for the CCW, and take your fingerprints. That is how I got my CCW while stationed at Ft Sam Houston. Just make sure that anyone offering CCW classes is certified by the state. You can find that on the DPS website. Car carry is alright in TX.

    I can't help you with NY.

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    Thank you for your service....My advise is to move to a gun friendly state. Some are more so than others.

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