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Thread: Notifying LEO -- Is it LAW in NYS, or just a good idea?

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    The problems I see with laws that say that a carrier must inform the LEO, when stopped, are that it doesn't just go against the Second Amendment, but also the Fifth Amendment (Miranda Rights). Our Miranda Rights say that we have the right to remain silent. This doesn't just apply after one is applies before and after and always. The Fifth Amendment guarantees our right to not being forced to incriminate ourself. If some states are going to treat carrying a gun as a potential crime, then why are they forcing us to potentially incriminate ourselves by notifying the officer. I live in Utah and luckily some level-headed lawmakers have realized these problems and made laws that protect and don't violate our God-given right to not say a word.

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    What the sheriff did not come to your house for an interview? I live in Erie Co and the interview was done over the phone by a local detective, not even sheriff
    Although the state maintains records, by county, of CCW permit holders I don't believe it's made it to the DMV system yet. I have two active LEO that work for us as instructors and they've told me that no info pops up on a routine traffic stop. I have no official confirmation on this, only the two officers' statements.

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