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    Is this the wolf barrel you are talking about? It comes with the trade......
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    I have a g23 and I have a g17 also and If I had to decide between the 2 I would pick the 23 nit just because it's a compact but the 40 cal is a sweet round and I shoot tighter groups with the 23

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    first i would consider when it comes to ANY gun trade regardless of what it is, Is it legal to do so in your state?. Also how well do you know this person, Where did they get the gun from?, gunstore purchase, private sale? it is important to make your determination for the trade that way. It would suck to find out that it is stolen after the fact.

    Be careful about the whole trade deal, not just the specifics of the gun. That matters less then the provenance of the gun in question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961 View Post
    Is this the wolf barrel you are talking about? It comes with the trade......
    Is the Wolf barrel a .40 or 9 mm? If it comes with both than I it sounds like a sweet deal. If the owner changed the original barrel for the after market barrel which some people do all you would need is a 9mm barrel to have a gun suitable for both calibers. There is nothing wrong with the wolf barrels. I have a 9mm barrel for both of my Glocks a G27 and a G22. You will need the 9mm magazine of course but they are rather cheap. The same spring is used for both calibers.

    Also, as mentioned on previous posts just make certain the gun is not stolen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    I think you got that backwards disneyr, Gkeil is considering a trade of the Gen4 26 for the Gen3 27. I have owned two of the Gen3 27's, one was stolen the other is my EDC. I have fired several thousand rounds with out a single hiccup. I never leave home without it. If the 27 is in good condition and you are wanting to go to a larger caliber then I would say go for it. You can always buy yourself a 9mm wolf barrel (100.00 bucks) for the 27 and shoot both calibers. The recoil is a little sharper with the 40 but its not bad.
    Yes, I re-read it and see I didn't read it carefully the first time. Bad on me. Hell I would get the Gen 3 G27.
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    Not a Glock guy, but as far as trading weapons, I'd think a lot of the same rules apply here as trading cars. You want to know what you're getting, so even being the same year, model etc doesn't tell you much about the history. As far as the legalities, you also have to swap paperwork with a car trade, or anything else the government has gotten its hands (and our wallets) into. I doubt there's such a thing as a government agency that doesn't want some money, after all that's what government is REALLY all about. If the gun you hand over doesn't have the paperwork changed to its new owner, and it gets used in an improper way (ie stolen from his property and used in a drive-by), there could be a knock on your door, maybe not on his.

    Just my $.02!

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    I wouldn't trade. 9MM is cheaper to practice and easier to control. If you use a quality Self Defense Round and proper placement, the "Target" will not know the difference.

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    Ditto what everyone else said about making sure it's a good gun without a hinky past. Also, I have heard that there are little glitches with the Gen 4s, and that the Gen 3 is a superior functioning weapon. This is purely anecdotal, though, and not my personal experience.

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    I won't ever buy someone else's gun. I can't be sure of the care it received.

    I own both guns and would prefer the G26 gen4. It shoots much better than the G27. A .40cal isn't always better than a 9mm.

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    I would keep the 26 for the following reason:

    1. You have 300 rounds of experience with the 26 and zero with the 27
    2. .40 S&W will have more noticeable recoil especially in a small frame semi
    3. Ballistics on a .40 S&W is not that much better than the 9mm
    4. Why is he “downgrading” to a 9mm?

    Bottom line is both are great guns in respectable calibers. I don’t buy into the big bore theory. If you can’t hit a barn at five yards then the projectile sizes really doesn't matter!

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