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    I have heard some of the Gen 4's were having trouble with the retractor.

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    A lot of hand-wringing and cautions that can be easily evaluated. The guy probably just wants to go down to the 9mm, and thinks his deal is better cause he's getting a Gen 4 for a Gen 3, but ...

    I'd like to have a Gen 4 Glock just because they're new, however, I consider the Gen 4 is still in the 'field-testing' stage. And I also have heard of some minor problems like springs and so on. Also I really don't like the roughness of the new grip, but that's minor as I always use Hogue covers anyway. I'm sure I'll eventually have a few Gen 4s.

    I might trade for the g27 plus $50 or something like that, but not even up.

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