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    Opinions wanted

    I was given an offer and was wanting some advice from the members....

    I was offered a "like new" Glock 27 Gen 3, for my "like new" Glock 26 Gen 4.....

    Trying to get some input on this trade, would you take it or no..... It's a straight up deal.... My G26 Gen 4 has only been fired about 300 times.

    This would be used an EDC, but it really isn't a factor, since the 26 and 27 are identical other then one a 9mil and the other 40 s&w?

    Let me know what your think?


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    Don't know alot about Glocks but personally, I like the terminal ballistics of the .40 over the 9mm so I'd go for wichever is the .40

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    I would go with the 27 if you don't have a problem with a little more recoil ......

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    Good Evening to you. There are allot different things to consider before trading your Weapon, For His Weapon. You are the only person that knows the condition of your weapon. Same Princibles appy for other Weapon. Unless you have known this Gentlemen for a long time. I rarely ever takes someones word on used weapons. Most CCWers take care of thier equipment, and thier Firearms. But, there are a select few.That do not take care of thier Firearms.

    You must be extremely cautious when Buying, Trading Firearms. I've only purchased a few used weapon's, and when I did, I akways took the weapon to an Certified Gunsmith. Also I have always asked to Fire the Firearm as well.
    I'm not trying to rain on your Parade. But these days you can never be to SAFE.
    Especially when dealing with Firearms.After you have Completed all those procedures, and you feel Comfortable then you can work on pricing, tradeing

    Hope my Information helped you, Good Luck to you. I wish you well. Let us know how you make out.

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    The 26 is only one less than the 27 anyway.
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  7. Personally, I would not give up the knockdown power of the .40 cal.

  8. .40

    No opinion on glocks. If you know the person and how they care for their things then go for it. I carry a .45 its all about the stopping power.

  9. Blah blah my 45 can beat up your 9mm blah blah

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    I have owned and carried a Glock 19 since 1988. I've shot thousands of rounds and had several free Glock warranty improvements/upgrades on it including they threw in new surface coating. I have owned and carried a Glock 26 since 2001. I've shot thousands of rounds through it and it has functioned flawlessly. I am still kind of leery of the Gen 4 Glocks still personally. Just some kinks they need to work out. Personally I would stay with a tried and true G26 over a newish untested (by you) Gen 4 G27. Just seems kind of strange that someone would trade even steven a pistol that is newer and may have some glitches for an older smaller caliber weapon...unless there was something wrong with the G27.

    Just my opinion, take it for the price you paid for it...nothing.
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    I think you got that backwards disneyr, Gkeil is considering a trade of the Gen4 26 for the Gen3 27. I have owned two of the Gen3 27's, one was stolen the other is my EDC. I have fired several thousand rounds with out a single hiccup. I never leave home without it. If the 27 is in good condition and you are wanting to go to a larger caliber then I would say go for it. You can always buy yourself a 9mm wolf barrel (100.00 bucks) for the 27 and shoot both calibers. The recoil is a little sharper with the 40 but its not bad.
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