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    Need a new CCW carry subcompact, still not sure on Glock 26, M&P 40c. Anyone here like either of the two?

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    I have the glock 26. I love it. Easy concealability and multiple ways to carry. Also more rounds then some other small firearms. You can also carry any 9mm Glock mag for reloading.

    With a stanard G26 mag you have 10+1. I then carry 2 17rd mags if needed.

  4. I have the 40c and love it. I use a maxtuck and it conceals really well. Also, the trigger is just right for me and you can use the full size M&P 40 mags ig needed

  5. You should also consider the ruger Sr9c. Out of those 3 I fell in love with the ruger. Of course you can't go wrong with any of them

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    I prefer the G27 s&w .40 and with the Wolf 9mm conversion Barrel have 2 calibers to shoot with. The G27 will convert to 9mm but the G26 will not convert to .40

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    I cc M&P 40c love it! Just small enough to carry , big enough to do the job

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    i carry a kahr cw40, never a jam or fluke of any kind, its super thin, and accurate, check it out

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    Glock 26 Gen 4....all day, everyday!

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    If I were carrying a small 9mm, a Ruger LC9 would work, as well as several others. I don't carry a 9mm, I carry a Glock 36 and I'm very happy with it.
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    I carry a full size m&p .357, very comfortably. Heck sometimes I forget I have it!

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