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Thread: How many rounds do you REALLY need.

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    Sounds more like a question for the psychic hot line. How in hell would anybody know.
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    In another thread posted that I did carry two spare 8 round mags and 8 + 1 in the 45, since the flash mob crap started I now carry 4 8 round mags in addition to the loaded + 1 45. I carry all the time including home due to some recent problems with home invasion. Boy Scout Motto Be Prepared.

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    Nobody knows how many rounds they will need as nobody knows the situations they may be in, the condition of or the number of thugs that need to be stopped. If a number is required to answer the the OP, I will say 16. Perhaps earlier today I'da said 12 or maybe 24, maybe it depends on one's mood when answering these hypothetical questions?
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    If you fire your gun three times to stop a threat then stop to take a look to see and make a decision if your attacker is dead, you need more range time.
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    An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power

    Here is an interesting read!

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    You never will know the type of situation one may encounter. My main is an XD 9 with one Hi-Cap in the firearm and two more Hi-Caps, a total of 48 rounds. My BUG is a Walther PPS 9 with one 8 round mag in the firearm and two 8 round mags total 24 rounds. I figure if 72 rounds is not enough it is most likely my time is up no matter what. Hopefully I will never find myself in that situation.
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    Can everyone post a picture of you're waist with all these magazines attached?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    The Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system comes with a double magazine carrier on the off-side. Makes a great way to grab you sidearm and two spare mags all at the same time.
    This is one of my carry options with my Glocks, no matter the Glock in the holster there are two 19 round mags on the off side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    Can everyone post a picture of you're waist with all these magazines attached?
    They are not on my waist, but under my arm. :)

    Speaking of carrying magazines, I keep a few spares loaded in my vehicles too.
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    17 to 27 rounds in the gun and mags of .45.

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