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Thread: How many rounds do you REALLY need.

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    LOL! Even at that he blew it! He forgot the secret compartment in the wheelbarrow for his AR-15, 10 mags and his combat shotgun and reload belt. Ya NEVER know how it's gonna play out!

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    EastOkHotRod - My question is: do you wear a badge, a sash, or do you have a sweet CCW paint job on the wheelbarrow?

    Great post!

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    You forgot the good guy bicycle flag on the wheelbarrow. I think that you should.carry as much as comfortable. Too much ammo can get uncomfortable after a long day.

  5. I've designed a special CCW light-bar for my '77 Thunderbird. When on foot-patrol, I feel my five gold-shield CCW badges (see my previous posts) are enough.

    Stay ready, my friends.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gvaldeg1 View Post
    aj's 40 cal...I think that you've got that logically backwards. The 12 round should be in the gun and the 9 round should be backup. I think that there's no reasonable rationale for doing it the other way around.
    The 9 rounder is probably shorter and makes the gun easier to conceal. If you end up having to reload, the longer mag isn't an issue since the gun's already out in plain sight by then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    Can everyone post a picture of you're waist with all these magazines attached?
    No! You don't wanna see my fat!

    I carry my two spare mags in horizontal mag pouches. Those are far more comfortable than the vertical pouches and they don't dig into the gut. 31 rounds of 45 ACP total.

    This guy makes the pouches custom:
    Welcome to Zlogonje Gunleathers

    Actually he says his two chihuahuas make them in his basement. Talented dogs. You can see more of his stuff here:
    Ohioans For Concealed Carry Discussion Forums • View topic - Zlogonje Gunleathers
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    Full carry plus one reload whether it is a revolver or auto. I feel it works for me.
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    Honestly, I carry one extra Mag with me,Totaling 17 Rounds of .45 ACP JHP .230 Gr

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    Hey Eastokhotrod, if you ammo runs out you can gas'em out after eating all that chilli. Hope you got your CBR suit and gas mask in your wheelbarrow. Biggrin :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastOkHotRod View Post
    First need to carry extra pistols. I carry four. Ruger Super Redhawk, 500 S&W, Colt Combat Commander, Colt Python. AMERICAN STEEL ONLY...all else is junk.

    I carry six speed loaders per revolver. ten spare mags for the auto. when going into bad areas of town i carry extra ammo in an extra large wheelbarrow. I like to have 500 rounds per weapon.

    The wheelbarrow has a six-inch iron plate in the bottom. When i come under fire I prop the wheelbarrow up on one end and crouch behind it for cover. i don't like to be caught out in the open.

    in addition to extra ammo, i like to have snacks and fluids along for lengthy gunfights. MANY IS THE TIME i have been crouched behind my wheelbarrow for a couple of days while battling street gangs. Luckily i keep several gallons of mountain dew and a case of Wolf Brand Chili with me at all times.

    Cold Chili is not the best of foods...but i make sacrifices as i battle crime and immorality in my town.

    I hope this strikes a spark in some of you out there...for most of you are woefully unprepared for the realities of modern gunfights.
    All the steel is made in China

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