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  • Glock 26

    11 39.29%
  • Glock 27

    14 50.00%
  • Glock 30

    1 3.57%
  • Glock 36

    2 7.14%
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Thread: Glock 26 or 27 conceal carry

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    A Glock 27 would be my choice if those were my only choices. It would require a really big pocket and with the weight, print pretty badly as in "why is that guys pants or jacket sagging so much." None of those Glocks are pocket carry material in my opinion. My 27 rides in a Galco Fletch when I carry it and if I want pocket carry it's a Ruger LCP. A Ruger LC9 might be ok but I've never tried it.

  3. 1 thing I Love about the Glock platform is its flexibility. I'd go with the G27 which can easily be converted to a G26 with a .40 to 9mm barrel swap and a G19 mag...2 guns in 1 isn't all that bad. BTW, my Glock 27 and my XDm 3.8 .40 share the same safe and ive never had to break up a fight between them :D

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    I carried the glock 30 for sometime and loved it. but in all reality i found later down the road i can conceal a glock 21 just the same and the longer grip felt better. It is a personal choice based off of caliber, clothing used, body type, etc

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    Any glock in the pocket is like putting a texas toast sandwich in a snack size baggie as far as I'm concerned. For me, the PM9 or LCP I have are better suited for pocket. ...Unless you are not speaking of pants pockets, unless you are wearing the three-sizes-to-large and down to the thighs gangsta pants.
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