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    Little story to tell, my friend is a barber and this afternoon around 12 there was a guy in the shop, he went to bend over and out fell his 9mm derringer, out hit the floor and discharged a round, the round went through my buddy barber chair and into his rear end. The bullet is going to remain in his rear, because they said out would be too harmful to remove it. He is okay other then being really sore, and is limping alot.

    Please guys if you carry, make sure that you have a holster that is quality and MADE for that weapon. This was an accident, but could of been avoided if in the correct size holster

    Just embed to share with you all

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    Hope your friend is okay. Excellent point on the holster.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of derringer was it, and how was he carrying it (holster, pocket, etc)? The Bond Arms seem like well-made guns and include a holster but I wonder how safe they are to carry.

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    See, it can be a pain in the a$$ to not carry in a proper holster. (someone was bound to say it)

    When I first started carrying and before I recieved training and read very much at all about it, I carried a PM9 in a coat breast pocket and it fell out onto the front porch of a customer while I was setting up her oxygen. She said "bang bang" and smiled. ...Luckily.

    So, yes, the point to all this is "proper holster used properly", so we can breathe easy about it, eh?
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    Not an accident, not having your carry gun secured is NEGLIGENCE and the perpetrator need his a$$ beat soundly.

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    It was a Cobra Derringer chambered in 9mm

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    Sad situation. I hope your friend gets better. There's no excuse for "accidents" like this to happen! :-(
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    Be nice if the guy with the gun got charged with something. Or had his homeowner's insurance dinged. Or something. Really hope he does not get off scot-free. As others have said, this was criminal negligence, not an accident.
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  9. There are no holster laws so it would only be willfull negligence if there were. He probably will not face any legal charges but can expect a civil suit from the guy with a slug In his a$$

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    Wow...this could have been much worse than being just a pain in the ass. I am of the mind set that a holster is a must have when concealed carrying. Not only does it protect the firearm, it also keeps it secure and offers a sound platform for a clean draw if worn properly.

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    Thought - Duty Owed, Duty Breached, Injury / Damages = Negligence and $$$$ ask any attorney. Those are the rules.
    The guy had a duty to secure his weapon, he chose not to, injury ensued. He OWES. - It might not be "criminal negligence, but its negligence regardless. This is of course based on the story above.

    Thought two - we have surgeons who can do brain surgery, but can't get a bullet out of a guys butt? Really must be in a bad spot. He'll knows its there every time it gets cold!

    Hope your friend gets better.

    (I am not an attorney, didn't play one on TV and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.)

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