Concealed Carry at the gym
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Thread: Concealed Carry at the gym

  1. Concealed Carry at the gym

    So I am just curious as to what everyone does with their CC weapon at a gym or workout facility. Once CC goes live here in WI, I plan to carry everyday, but I do go to my local fitness club to work out. They do have lockers to lock my things up, but I guess I am wondering if people don't carry into the gym and lock/leave gun in car, or carry in and lock in locker?

  3. Mine gets locked in the car. Don't trust to many people.

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    It's the only place I go where I do not carry. While the gym has lockers, I have not been in that area since the walk through of the gym. Also, I don't want to leave it in the car, thus I go directly to the gym and directly home afterward.

  5. Personally I would keep it in the car, it is less likely to stolen, if that is what you are worried about. As you explained it you won't be wearing it while you work out, so leaving it in the car seems like the best option.

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    Lock it in my car.

  7. Open carry at the gym. You'll never wait for a machine again :-)

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    I pocket carry in, and keep it in a locker with my high-security combination lock.

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    The gym is one of the few places I opt not to carry even though I legally can. I lock it in my truck. I'd have to keep my pistol in my gym bag and that's something I don't want to do. Too easy for me to walk away from the bag (done it many times) or forget it all together (done it once). I think the odds of having it lifted are far greater than the odds of me needing it in this case.

    Yeah, I could lock it in a locker but what's the difference between that and locking it in my truck in terms of personal safety?? Not much. In either case I still don't have it on me so it's of no use for defense. Plus, my truck safe is a heck of a lot harder to break into than a gym locker.
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    Get a fanny pack. And before anyone says, "That screams gun." In a gym it does not. I see all kinds of people using fanny packs while they work out. They keep their straps, MP-3 Players, wrist wraps, locker keys, and other misc. items in them. No one gives it a second look.

    The gym that I work out at is on a college campus, so all of the people wearing fanny packs are probably not carrying, because in SC that would be illegal.

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    Smartcarry or Thunderwear....... Very comfortable and conceals well.... I would go with a smaller size CC in one of those type holsters if I was concerned about printing while there. (some excercises/machines/positions would be more prone to printing worries than others) This is also one of the rare time "I" would not open carry... because I wouldnt have a belt on, lol.....

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