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Thread: Good "inside the pants" pistol?

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    I like my Ruger SR9C, I usually carry iwb. Even its big brother the SR9 was a breeze to carry. What I like most about the SR9c is the following: Slim profile, changable base plate, solid feel, the list goes on. I recomend you check one out.

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    Carry what you are confortable with, my preference is Colt Combat Commander 45, but as said practice, practice.

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    Honestly it's pretty easy to conceal even a full sized pistol IWB. I (for example) can easily conceal my Full Sized M&P 9mm in a Kholster Holster I own but normally carry a Ruger SR40c in a Crossbreed Super Tuck. The Ruger conceals a bit better than the full size but either is acceptable.

    You can get pretty much any compact pistol you like and still keep it well concealed. I personally tend to stray away from the subcompacts and pocket pistol as it seems like a waste to carry these IWB - you can get away with larger more potent weapons.

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    My PCW is a 24/7 Pro Compact 45acp. However, I also carry an XDM 40 and a Bersa 383a from ttt.

    I agree you can almost carry whatever you're most comfortable carrying. But I would be sure an spend the $$ on a good gunbelt & IWB holster. (My preference for both come from "Crossbreed".)


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    Kel-tec PF9 in a crossbreed LH holster.
    or Ruger LCR 357 on a Mitch rosen LH holster.
    or G36 in a Galco combat LH holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Carry what you are confortable with, my preference is Colt Combat Commander 45, but as said practice, practice.
    Roger that. +1...
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    Full sized 1911 in a tuckable IWB holster all day every day. I am 6'1 and 195. Not a problem.

  9. I agree it depends on style of dress. If my shirt is not tucked, I pack my Colt Defender .40 cal in an IWB. Otherwise I use the body tight t-shirt under my regular shirt.

  10. I carry a Taurus 740 slim, glock 23 inside the waistband I like the .40

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    Glock 26 inside the KNJ holster (under $20). The first and only setup I've tried (and I've owned some expensive holsters) that is truly invisible and so comfortable I can forget I have it on. Because of this, I do now carry 100% of the time. Simply no reason not to.

    I was carrying with my shooting buddy the other day and he asked, "are you carrying today?" I replied sure. He looked me over and finally had to ask "where". I'm right handed, like to carry at 11 o'clock, so I raised my shirt enough he could see it.
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