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Thread: Good "inside the pants" pistol?

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    Full size XD45 in a SmartCarry holster. Technically, if my shirt is tucked in, my wife sees the grip print, only because she knows where it is and what to look for. If untucked t-shirt, no one would ever know - in any position.

    My wife's Taurus snub-nose .38 revolver is completely undetectable in HER SmartCarry, even in snug trousers AND knowing where it is.

    Love my SuperTuck as well, and it conceals very well in a neutral position with an untucked t-shirt. Reaching for something or bending over, it WILL be temporarily visible. I find myself constantly re-adjusting my t-shirt to re-conceal.

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    Supertuck Glock 27 or Para Warthog in same type holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJGray View Post
    I'd like to solicit opinions regarding a good pistol to carry in an inside the pants holster. It needs to be small enough to fit, but have enough stopping power to be worth carrying.
    To give a more narrow answer, we need to know more about you. Your frame build and where you live (region) will shape the correct choice for you.

    I live in the warmer climes of Central Florida so having an untucked shirt is an every day thing down here as is baggy clothing. So hiding my 4" XD40 in a Supertuck is no problem.

    If your looking for a single rig to work for you year round you need to consider how you dress throughout the entire year. When I lived in PA I had to have 3 rigs to cover all the seasons. Down here I have it down to an everyday and a "Sunday go to meeting" rig.

    Shop around on line and figure out how you want to carry then move on to what you want to carry. I'd be willing to bet there are a fair number of us out here that have bought the gun then asked our selves "How the heck am I gonna carry this?"

    You will get a wide array of answer to the type and caliber of firearm. The question is "What are you comfortable with?" You can thwart an attack with a .22 pistol as long as you can hit your attacker and evacuate in a hurry. (I'll catch flack for that one. :-/ )

    Go to your local gun shop and look around. When the guy/gal behind the counter asks "can I help you?", talk to him and ask him your question. handle the various weapons until you find one that fits your hand/grip then shoot it, then figure out what hiding rig you want for that particular weapon.

    Welcome and good luck.
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