Good "inside the pants" pistol?
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Thread: Good "inside the pants" pistol?

  1. Good "inside the pants" pistol?

    I'd like to solicit opinions regarding a good pistol to carry in an inside the pants holster. It needs to be small enough to fit, but have enough stopping power to be worth carrying.

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    By inside the pants holster do you mean IWB (inside waist-band) holster? If so I personally carry a Glock 26 which is a 9MM. I've also carried the .40. When I can't carry that I carry a Ruger LCP in my pocket holster.

    It really boils down to being proficient with your carry weapon and being able to conceal it.

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  4. My LC9 in a Maxtuck holster

  5. LC9 in a Supertuck holster.

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    Lc9 in front or back pocket ;)

  7. Kahr PM9 in front pocket

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    What ever you can feel the best when you have it on you. All guns will work depending how good a shot you are. Some people can't hit the side of a barn from the inside.

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    Welcome to the forum...
    Just about anything can be carried if you have the right belt and holster. You should carry whatever you are most comfortable with.
    Start with a good belt. Leather belt such as Beltman or Bullhide belts. (Not a Wally World cheapo.)or a tactical belt such as Wilderness. Crossbreed Supertuck is listed as the top carry holster in the forum. (But there are others that are very good.) The holster is going to come down to the weapon you choose.
    I recommend going to at least a couple of reputable gun shops and discussing carry pistols with them. Handle as many guns as you can. Glock will come up a lot. I prefer M&P. (Both are fine.) Then find a place you can RENT AND SHOOT them. See what works for you! If at any point you feel like the guy behind the counter is leading you down a rosy path, walk away. The most expensive pistol in the case may not be the best for you.
    The 9mm normally has less recoil and ammo is relatively cheap.
    The .40 is more snappy, but many law enforcement agencies carry this round.
    The .45 has been around forever, but the lighter the weapon, the higher the recoil.
    Once you have you pistol. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.... go home. Then practice some more.
    Not trying to be condescending, I just don't know your level.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    I carry glock 26 with galco kingtuk IWB
    Works well for me.

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    A lot of it has to do with your style of dress. For me with jeans, cargo pants or shorts, a good belt, a polo or dress shirt and a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB I can make a Springfield XD .40 or a Colt Commander .45 disappear. If I go with a t-shirt well now we are down to a Walters PPK/s or a Ruger LCR.

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