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Thread: Carry in condition 1?

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    Absolutely. But telling someone to rely on the sound of their slide racking or their hammer cocking instead of actually relying on the firepower of the gun itself strains credulity, especially when you consider that many self defense scenarios won't give you the chance to rack that slide or cock that hammer. And the mere premise that a sound constitutes a good defense? I'm sorry, but that's totally ridiculous.

    As for the shotgun, that's a completely different story than a concealed handgun at close quarters. I keep the chamber empty in my home defense shotguns as well. That's mainly because they're available to more members of the family who aren't so familiar with the safeties on those guns, so I leave the safeties off. But I have made the same point to my wife that you made in that phone call. The sound of a round being chambered in a pump shotgun is almost unmistakable and incredibly intimidating. But a home defense shotgun is not employed in anywhere near the same manner as a concealed handgun for self defense, so you aren't relying on that sound as your first, best, close quarters line of defense, as was suggested earlier for a concealed handgun here.
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    I carry condition 1 always and always have colt combat commander, only noise you will here from me is get on the ground no click, if you fail to get on the ground or if you have a weapon, I don't think the sound of the hammer falling will be louder that the bang.

  4. I carry a round in the chamber for the same reason I keep air in my spare tire. I figure if I end up needing either one of them, I need them in working condition right then and there, not after I work on them a little.

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    I have just become comfortable enough to start carrying in condition 1. I have a Glock 27 and and an SR9c. No nervousness at all. I think "Safety " all the time and that help

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    I always carry in condition 1, good holster, belt and practice are key to staying safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452:240428
    I carry a round in the chamber for the same reason I keep air in my spare tire. I figure if I end up needing either one of them, I need them in working condition right then and there, not after I work on them a little.
    Well said. I carried condition 1 for years in USAF. Never had an issue. Saw more issues down range while imbedded with sister services and NATO. What issues I saw was training and complacency. With modern firearms human error is the cuase of the negligent discharges in reports I had access to.... Most of the rounds where contained by clearing barrels... Why so many thought pulling the trigger was part of clear weapons is beyond me... Keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot your target and always treat every firearm as if it is loaded.... Never "think" it is.... Most reports containned " I thought it was unloaded". Always practice safe handling procedures and you will have mo problems with modern firearms. Antique firearms are another story....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Just because you can't keep your finger out of the trigger when you draw your gun from your holster does not mean that applies to me. My life and my family's lives are not worth betting on that a bad guy will be scared of the sound of the racking of a handgun slide, especially when it is just too darn easy to fully load the gun in the relative safety of my house behind the locked doors.
    Now there you go using that darn logic again NavyLCDR. You are supposed to tell us how racking the slide makes you feel "tactical".

  9. In my CWP class a guy told the instructor he didn't have to carry with one in the chamber because of how quickly he could rack the slide. The instructor replied, "that's good. now let me see how fast you can do it with one hand." That sold me. In any confrontation you can't be guaranteed that you'll have both hands free.

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    I do believe this horse is just about dead, but I will interject one more "condition 1" reason. I have been taught the 5 point draw for the last 10 years, give or take a few. Position 3, where you rotate the handgun from indexed down twards the ground to indexed down range, is a firing position as long as you have one chambered. If the attacker is right in front of you, your weak hand should be employed defending vitals, while your strong hand is drawing and firing from that 3 position. Once that first round goes off messing up the OODA loop of the perp, you can start\continue moving away from them giving you the room to bring your firearm up to obtain a decent sight picture. I would rather be able to employ my strongest defence at that point than be fighting weakhanded while trying to figure out (while under stress and adrenaline dump) how to hook a sight on either a belt or my holster to chamber a round. I am just not that good. As it takes an average of 1.5 seconds for a person to cover 21 feet to attack, I will keep carrying condition 1. If you are good enough to draw, chamber 1 handed, and fire from extremem close proximity VERY quickly I commend you for the ammount of time and practice you have given to that discipline.

    Now, you have my reasonings. If your not comfortable carrying condition 1 or 2, carry condition 3 or 4. As long as your carrying, you are ahead of the curve depending on the situation.

    And apparently Im not smart enough to bold and underline the parts I wanted to... and what I thought were the proper tags are not working for me, crap.
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    It was kind of scary at first, seeing the hammer cocked back and 1 in the chamber on my Kimber Custom TLEII while in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe, Even with all the safety features a 1911 has it was nerve racking wondering whether or not that thing could accidently fire. I spent hours researching the different condition stages you could have and the best is condition 1 Cocked and locked. To make myself feel warm and fuzzy about carrying this way I carried my gun in the house empty and cocked in my holster with the safety off for 2 weeks and not once during any activities did the weapon fire, even when practicing quick draw with the safety off and bumping into stuff and sitting. Now I carry condition 1 Cocked and locked with Hornady Critical Defense +P ammo. Practice your draw everyday, know your gun, and trust it!

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