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  1. Well I carry condition 1 but, I must admit not always. I used to carry a 1911 and I didn't carry condition 1 I was uncomfortable with it so I bought a gun I was comfortable with. The bottom line if you are uncomfortable with it get one you are comfortable with because as someone already stated the BG is cocked and ready to go. Although the 1911 was my first gun and carry pistol I believe now that it would be different now because I am more comfortable with carrying a gun but, now that I am used to carrying light pistols like my Glock 19 and SIG P250 and i think it would be hard to go back to the 1911's size and weight.

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    I think the 1911 condition one is safe. You have the safety,the grip safety and the trigger. The Glock you only have the trigger and the trigger safety

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    A seven-part examination of Unchambered Carry can be found here:

    Montgomery Alabama - Get Home After, LLC

    It starts on the third one down.
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  6. To me, it comes down to this:

    First, who is to say in a self defense situation I am going to have both hands free? There are a number of reasons I may want/have to draw/shoot my gun with only one hand available.

    Two, there is always the chance of a malfunction when chambering a round, and that chance is compounded under stress. Where do you want to deal with a malfunction? On the street with the criminal actively attacking you? Or behind the relative safety of the locked doors of your house?

    I just see no added benefit at all to carrying a gun in a proper holster without a round in the chamber.
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    That's why there are DA-only guns; for those who are nervous carrying SA weapons cocked and locked. I have both types, and carry both in Condition 1, one in the tube over a full mag. My SA is a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro .45, and it gets carried cocked and locked. My DAO is a Kel-Tec P11 9mm, so there is no safety to lock, just a long, smooth but fairly heavy trigger pull similar to a smooth S&W revolver trigger. Carry holsters for both weapons completely enclose the triggers and cover the safety, so the safety won't get tripped off by accident and the trigger won't get accidentally pulled. Still, if Condition 1 in an SA weapon makes you nervous, just change to a DAO weapon and go practice to "groove your new swing".

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    A weapon without a cartridge loaded in the pipe. Is like sitting in a car with no keys and needing to get to the hospital quickly!

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    I carry condition 1 because the 1911 was designed to be carried in condition 1. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge and the most important safety device on any firearm is between your ears. If you aren't confident handling your firearm, spend more time on the range or get some training from someone you respect.
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    SA is safer than DA?? more safeties in place

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