Carry in condition 1?
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Thread: Carry in condition 1?

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    Carry in condition 1?

    When you carry are you in condition 1? I've always been nervous that by some fluke something would happen and I'd have an accidental discharge while just standing there.

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    I always carry in condition 1. Do you think the bg with a gun is going to carry his weapon without one in the chamber? If you are worried about your gun going off while carrying then you need to buy a better gun. I carry my glock with no worries I know that my gun will not fire without a finger on my trigger.

    The milliseconds it takes you to chamber a round could be the difference in you going home or ending up in a body bag.

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    Condition 1. My EDCs are all DAO. Hmmmm.....that sounds like a country & western song written by a Pentagon official.
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    I never understood all of this numbering of conditions. I carry a Glock with a round in the chamber, I call it condition Glock.

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    I carry a Taurus PT-145 Millenium Pro striker fired pistol which is single action when locked and loaded. I carry it Condition I, safety off.
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    So, if you have an "accidental discharge while just standing there"... I can't, it's just too easy. :-0

    OK, seriously, there is no such thing as an accidental discharge. If you keep your finger off the trigger AND use a good holster that covers the trigger, you will not suffer what would otherwise be called a NEGLIGENT discharge.

    Just my .02.
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    If you carry without a round chambered you are taking even more chances.
    If you must draw your gun under stress and chamber a round, even after practice, there are so many things that can go wrong. Accidental discharge, misfeed, not reacting quick enough to stop the BG are just a few.
    It is MUCH safer for you and everyone around you to carry your gun in condition 1.
    If your really worried about an "accident" then buy a gun with a manual safety.
    I chose the Ruger SR9 over the Glock for this reason, I have grand children and this way they cannot just pull the trigger to fire it.
    If I wasn't worried about them I would have bought the Glock instead because I am my guns most important safety feature!
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    All good advice. I have an approved CHL by the state of Texas that has been "in the mail" for the last week. I know I am prepared from a safety standpoint with my guns but information like this is alwys helpful to the new guy.

  10. When I do carry a 1911, it is carried in Condition 1, IWB, in a holster with a thumb-break.

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    Condition 1 100% of the time. It's felony stupid to carry without a round in the tube. If you need to draw you probably will not have time to chamber a round.
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