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  • Yes, my and my families life is more important than any sign.

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  • No, I am not a criminal and I will let others decide where and when I can defend

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  • Yes and no. I have a crystal ball and will avoid deadly violence

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  • No, I simply have very, very few places to go and can avoid no gun zones

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Thread: Better to be unarmed or armed if active shooter breaks out?

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    Everyone seems to be IMHO overly concerned with CC in prohibited places, and potential trouble for doing so. I get it. On my end its a smaller end of the issue, though. What seems to be unspoken here is the fact that regardless of the circumstances under which you choose to fire your weapon, you WILL face criminal and civil liability. So our goal must be to ensure the most favorable outcome possible. That requires that everything leading up to the moment you shoot being reasonable, practical and utterly innocent. Yes, innocent. If you use your weapon in a situation that you helped to aggravate, it will not go well in court. Likewise, if you use your weapon in a place where they are prohibited, you are setting yourself up for a hard legal battle. On the other hand, you WILL be around to fight it, which is a bonus.

    If you choose to carry in places a weapon is prohibited, make sure (1) you have a legitimate NEED to be there. And (2) make sure you can articulate that need to the jury, as well as why it was completely reasonable for you to violate that policy under the circumstances.

    Personally, I believe this is a fallen world, and the bad guys do know how to get across the tracks. I and my wife carry everywhere we are not prohibited by law. And we only go places where guns are forbidden by law when practically necessary. Otherwise, we avoid these places like the plague.

    Hope this was the type of answer you were looking for.

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    Some will want to avoid prosecution, others will simply respect a property owners signage. Here is a doctor who had a lot to lose and one day simply decided to leave her gun in her car when she was at a Lubby's in Texas. In a piece she wrote once she stated she did not want to potentially lose her license to practice medicine if her gun was discovered, so she went unarmed that day into the no-gun (at the time) Lubby's. Her parents are now dead, shot to death by a mad-man. She instintively reached into her purse, she wrote, as she was under a table behind the active shooter with a perfect shot angle and realized to her horror she did not have it! One by one people were killed, including both her parents that day. Would one of you who feel carrying in gun free zones is abhorrent like to explain your reasoning for obeying signage to her?

    Sure, you can avoid gun free zones but in some areas you just cannot avoid them in doing day to day, week to week business. As for me, if a place has great pizza or a wonderful atmosphere and my wife likes the place, and there are no active searches or metal detectors at the door, we are going. I'm not going to settle for less just because somewhere I want to be, or need to be, has a sign on the door. Everyone is free to feel otherwise or to agree, and do so openly as this isn't 1930's Germany. Yet.
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

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    [QUOTE=tuts40;234718]What I'm after is the REASONING behind that choice rather than the avoidance of the obvious truth.

    Maybe another option would be good... How about: "No, violence does not happen in gun free zones". Would that work?

    Well if you want the thinking behind our choices the correct and most answered choice for most of us "carry for protection of myself and my family except where it is prohibited by law" There is no science behind the thinking. For the vast majority, we are law abiding citizens and don't choose to break the law because of our macho attitudes. If a place is considered unsafe and we cannot carry there we don't go there. There is no desire to be a free agent and make our own rules so your poll is irrelevant the way it is worded because if you answer the way you want us too you're either a survivalist or a wimp of which I am neither. CCW holders are supposed to be an example not a rogue.

    OOps I forgot I'm supposed to be ignoring these type of posts but I just can't seem to do it.

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    I obey the law and stay away from prohibited areas with my CCW. If I notice a NO GUNS sign for a restaurant or other establishment where it is policy for them to trample my 2A rights then I choose to take my money and go elsewhere when possible.

    Very simple.

  6. If I cant carry I cant go simple though there are times I havint seen a no carry sign until I left an establishment seems I must be more alert

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    You need to realize that if you break firearm laws, they will take away your guns and you will not be allowed to even buy one or own one. Hate the law as much as you want, but if you choose to break it, say bye-bye to your 2nd amendment and say hello to anti-gun liberals quoting you as an example for their anti-gun propaganda, and jail.

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    If the law is lawless, if the justice system is unjust, then the law abiding citizen is a bad person, and good people belong in jail.

    I like how someone else used the plague reference. :-) That is the most important decision. Choose not to go there.

    Remember tuts, remember Suzanne, even if you obey the laws so you don't get called names by the media, even if you are an upstanding citizen, when you enter a gun free zone, unarmed, and something terrible happens, and you lose your wife or parents, no amount of sorrow from anyone will fix it.

    Would you rather risk losing your guns or risk losing your family?

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    Lmao. I carry where I can but still find the paranoia of some here amusing. While it's certainly true violence can occur anywhere and at anytime many refuse accept the near astronomically low probability of it happening. You and your loved ones are far more likely to die a thousand other ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Green View Post
    Lmao. I carry where I can but still find the paranoia of some here amusing. While it's certainly true violence can occur anywhere and at anytime many refuse accept the near astronomically low probability of it happening. You and your loved ones are far more likely to die a thousand other ways.
    Only you would call a reasonable discussion about CCW laws and carry paranoia. You sir are not keeping in good faith and true allegiance to the second amendment. I believe that there are some silly laws out there but most of them are there for a reason. So instead of calling people paranoid, help in the discussion...educate those with questions, correct those who need correcting and stop being such a troublemaker by name calling and other childish sentiments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40:234743
    Quote Originally Posted by johnmed3 View Post
    I do not go anywhere were I can't carry. Period!
    You don't go to the dentist? Doctors office? Ever have to go to the post office? Ever need to go to the kid's parent/teacher conference (if you have kids)? Ever need to go to a work site that is gun free? Would you really drive, if the situation existed, 30 miles to the grocery store if the two closer ones were gun free or would you not carry in the posted stores and just take a chance? No wrong answers, I'm guessing your answer would be number 4 in the poll. That's fine. Still, it's easy to make a bold statement, but it requires some thinking to provide some insight as to why you feel that way. Go ahead, give it a try.

    Alas, again, perhaps this or any public forum is not the place for such discussion.
    Nope. I don't go anywhere I can't carry.

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