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Thread: do they sell 9mm hollow points at wally world?

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    Most of the wally worlds have hollow points. Now if you had asked if the people at the counter knew what they were and would they be able to reach in and get them without you pointing at them would be an entire new can of worms.
    I have ran into a few that did but it's pretty rare.

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    Since the question was already answered...I just thought I'd point out...the definite need of punctuation here... ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by imrambi View Post
    I normally see Winchester PDX, which I use at Wally World. It is sometimes hard to find, and I've had to order it from a different place after months of Wally World not having it.

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    I buy my standard 9x19mm carry load, the 147gr. JHP Winchester White Box at Walmart.

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    That is what I use also Deanimator...... Cant beat the price......

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