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Thread: the wife refuses to let me carry condition 1

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    Sorry, the only fight I have with my wife is why her guns cost more than mine.
    And why its important for her to have a variety. Say's "I need to arm myself with how I'm dressing today".

    I think what got to her though, was that story of the women who had a CCW, but couldn't carry at the restaurant she went into with her parents, and unfortunatly that night a crazed gunman came in and killed them and a slew of others. At that point, my guns weren't enough for her liking. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike86:240284
    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    You are one confusing poster.
    Whats so hard about that??? He was talking about his vibrator???? Or maybe it was his gun?? Dunno?? Never mind :)
    haha wow. he had another post in another thread stating he doesnt carry in condition 1 because the sound of cocking the hammer is scary enough...he shoud read the brandishing vs self defense threads nad look up condition butterscotch.

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    Condition Butterscotch has to be a joke? He must know about the 21ft rule?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike86 View Post
    The Glock already does this. She doesn't like the bullet in the chamber which is the the best way to carry
    what she dont know?, wont hurt her, does she stand over you while you load the firearm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Jarman View Post
    what she dont know?, wont hurt her, does she stand over you while you load the firearm?
    You know there are men who are not really wuzzies but when it comes to displeasing their wives, they'd rather have peace while they sleep at night. LOL .. My neighbours across the road is such. They are Americans true and true and grew up with guns in their households, but lady friend do not want her husband and grown up son to carry nor get their CCW. One time he was helping my husband fix our mantle piece and he mentioned wanting to have his CCW but wifey doesn't want him and son to. So stupid me said "Why don't you two just go and get it without telling her?" He said "I couldn't believe you said that!" So I shut up. Finally last year him and sonny boy got their licenses. She capitulated but still no one is allowed to carry a gun in her presence.

    Considering, you are really lucky that your wife allows you to have a gun. One day she will move forward and allow you to put one in the chamber. Baby long can you wait? <g> Remember she is your wife. You have to live with her. We do not have to.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  7. wife wont let me carry chambered

    Show her the holster, that it covers the trigger. Explain the fire pin is not fully ready until the trigger is pulled. Then take her shooting! My wife used to be scared of me getting my first glock23 due to no safety. Not a problem now. Though, her new carry gun she wanted a safety like on the LC9.

    Quote Originally Posted by glockk23 View Post
    She is a big freak when it comes to guns. She is so scared of them. " I'm not going anywhere with you of you have a round in the chamber " what if you accidently shoot it". Wish I could come up with a way to make her understand why I won't carry if my glock doesn't have a round ready to rock ....

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    Hey tuts you made a finishing statement that rang with me. "At least your wife lets you CC". I just purchased a Remora holster for my new FN 5.7x28 and when the holster arrived, I was trying it on in varied positions and my wife saw me fooling with it. Once under my shirt she asked me what I was doing with that tone that asked me to show her that there was no firearm in the holster. I usually carry a 380, which she never sees so she is unaware I have it in my pocket, but one of these days I just might want to carry the "biggee"--still trying to get the courage up. My tactic would be that she has allowed this big firearm into the home and it is only logical that if I should want to carry it No.1--she would never know and I would not even mention it to her and No.2--this country is starting to get more dangerous with our slimy king and his slimy cohorts and ya never know.

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    When did the men in this country quit wearing pants?

  10. Yea lately I have been having the same issue with my wife but, now even worse. She always questions me why I need to carry. Its a wedding why do you need to carry to a wedding it's a birthday party why do you need to carry etc.. etc.. Well our agreement now is she doesn't want to know what I am doing and I am fine with that. I always believed in letting the people your with know that you are carrying because letting them know a head of time is better than them finding out in public and possibly causing a panic. You know if you print and someone in your party see's it and makes big deal out of it and draws attension to you. I hang with people that guns make them uncomfortable and I can see them having a knee jerk reaction go bad. Good luck with your wife

  11. This is the best response to when wifey questions your gun savviness
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