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Thread: Your favorite safe queen?

  1. 1904 .45 Colt Bisley...
    Inherited it from my Dad, He only fired it once, I've never fired It.
    He bought it off one of the hired hands on my Granddads ranch, during the Depression, for $5...
    I intend to pass it down to my son, in 10 or 20 years!

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    Star PD. I shot one when I was a kid, and always wanted one. Found one at a shop, Nickle with pearl grips. Not usually my style, but it was almost perfect. From the small amount of wear on the barrel, I would guess someone bought it, put a box or two through it and put it in a drawer. Ive only shot it twice. It's going to stay a safe queen, but as soon as I can find one at a good price, its future blued brother will absolutely see use. Kind of a PITA in this state though....have to have it disassembled and the frame sent to a dealer for transfer, and the parts sent to me.

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