Your favorite safe queen?
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Thread: Your favorite safe queen?

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    Your favorite safe queen?

    Name and cal?
    How long has she been in waiting?

  3. 4" blue Colt Python. I haven't fired it in 34 years.

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    S&W 4" 7-shooter in .357 mag, unfired and pretty with a full load of grease, got it two years ago along with a number of boxes of ammo after selling a 1911 that held the title of queen prior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckTurner68 View Post
    Name and cal?
    How long has she been in waiting?
    Springfield Armory 1911 .45cal. Stainless with a compensator, competition trigger, Hogue grips, Ambi safety and flared mag well. Sweet gun and I get it out now and then, mostly to shoot steel, but would never, ever consider for carry. Expensive but fun toy.

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    Jericho 941. It was number 2 on my list of guns I want to buy. It's a 9mm and the main reason it's a Safe Queen is because they are hard to find. All the ones now are not called Jericho but rather Baby Desert Eagle.

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    Sweet 16 Browning. My grandfathers bring home the ham gun. Its been 20 years. Everything else, gets shot or sold.

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    Mauser gew 98 dated 1915 unfired since ww1

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    I have two:

    First, this 5-1/2" barrel Ruger BlackHawk .45 Colt:

    It goes with me deer hunting every year just in case I see one close enough to use it for filling the Freezer. It's been breathed on. Internals all polished, Wolf trigger spring, cylinder throat reamed out to .4515, custom grips. It is serious fun to shoot, but it doesn't get out much. It went to the range last fall to tune me up so I could hit a 6" circle at 50 yards standing off hand. Took me 12 rounds to feel good with it. I open carry it loaded with 255g LSWC bullets pushed by a stout charge of Unique (it's not a max load by any means) when I'm deer hunting during rifle season.

    Every time I shoot it I think "if I didn't already own it, I'd go buy one."

    Second, this West German made Walther PPK/S:

    Back in '05 I had the G19, was visiting relatives in Traverse City, MI. I'd already told my wife I wasn't going to buy any more guns that year (she and I took our hunter safety classes together, I'd bought a Savage Model 10, and the G19, she'd bought herself a 6" 686 and a 6" S&W 17-2 in .22LR). But, for old times sake, we stopped at Hemple's gun shop in Traverse City (where I was born and raised and my late father bought lots of guns) to see what they might have. My buddy in MN had just purchased a Walther PPK/S (S&W version), so I asked the counter man if he perhaps had a Walther PPK/S? I was thinking of the S&W version but didn't say that. He looked at me for a moment and said, "I have one your Dad would have liked, just a minute", he went to a different cupboard, opened it and took this one out. Made by Walther in West Germany a number of years ago. Beautiful blued finish you can almost dive in and go swimming. Original box, original two magazines, no mark on the magazine followers indicating it had ever been fired since it left the factory, and the factory test target.

    I could hardly breathe. It was beautiful, with literally shaking hands I looked it over while my mind is racing trying to figure out what words I might use to ask my wife if I could buy it. This went on for a couple of minutes, the counter guy kept his mouth shut. Then, my wife gave yet another of the thousands of reasons I love her to pieces, she gave my arm a little hug and asked in her soft voice "would this make a nice Christmas Preasant?"

    It was my first carry gun, it's had a few hundred rounds thorugh it now, but I stopped carrying it and bought an S&W made PPK/S because I didn't like the holster wearing on the bluing. So now it's a safe queen. I get it out and handle it two or three times a year, and it gets to the range every couple of years, but basically I just feel good knowing it's there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckTurner68 View Post
    Name and cal?
    How long has she been in waiting?
    Springfield Armory EMP 9mm.

    The story goes, I just bought a SA Loaded SS, and it immediately became my CW, but the EMP was my first CW, so it'll always have a dear place in my heart. I might even let the wife carry it when she gets her CCW later this month.
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