2nd Giveway winner! That was ME!
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Thread: 2nd Giveway winner! That was ME!

  1. 2nd Giveway winner! That was ME!

    Hello All,

    I thought I would do a little report on the great Concealed Carry Giveaway package that I was fortunate to win recently. First off thank you again Luke for taking time to put together such a nice group of prizes!

    The first prize that came in the mail was the Mini Vault. The Mini Vault is very well constructed and is the perfect size for a gun or two, or other small valuables that you wish to keep secure. It is also compact enough to take on the road if you have to stay away from home or secure your gun in a car if you can't carry into certain facilities through out your day. The door has a very positive opening spring to pop the door open to get access to your gun in a hurry if need be and there is a light that comes on when it opens. Programing your personal combination is a breeze, plus it comes with 2 keys.

    I received the CCW Breakaway Pants and MagSocks next. The pants seem well made and the material feels very durable. The sizing ran true as I am a 34/34 and the are the perfect fit. I have not worn them as carry pant yet as I just received my Ruger the other day, but they are very comfortable for day to day wear.

    Crossbreed was up next and there were no surprises there as I already carry a my M&P9 in a horse hide SuperTuck Deluxe and would buy another without hesitation. The holster I received for the Ruger LC9 was the horse hide MiniTuck. This was at my request as I was looking for a smaller holster for this gun since it is so compact and would be easier for my wife to carry if she were to want to. The MiniTuck is everything you have come to expect from the folks at Crossbreed, well made and comfortable. The belt is very thick and well made as well and will take some breaking in, but I expect to to serve me well for its intended purpose.

    I received my Console Vault next. What a great idea this is and very well executed. I wish I had come up with this! It is very easy to install and only takes about 5 minutes, 10 tops! There are only 6 pieces to put together, but it is very easy and no one is taking out anything you put in here with out some major trouble.

    I received the Ruger LC9 last week as well but I was not able to get to the range until Saturday. My current favorite carry is the M&P9, so I am very comfortable shooting and carrying a 9mm pistol. I had not shot a LC9 until I got this one so I was not sure what to expect out of such a small package that shoots the same rounds as I do in my familiar but larger framed M&P. My first impression opening the box was how small the weapon felt in my hand, single stack and all, so I was concerned about the recoil. It turned out not to be an issue at all, it shoots very comfortable and the recoil, although obviously more than my usual carry nothing to be concerned with. We shot more than 200 rounds out of it and was none the worse for wear. Obviously being a new weapon for me I will have to practice consistently to get the muscle memory in effect when I use this but that shouldn't be a problem. The gun shoots accurately for me and at a few yards I was able to get some nice groupings. I still have to get used to the thumb safety and the trigger pull is different than I am used to but it is a nice pull and very predictable. This will be a nice carry weapon and I look forward to shooting it more.

    As far a the CT laser, I have not received it as of yet but Luke has been in contact with them on that and I should have it shortly.

    I apologize for such a lengthy post but I wanted to take time to thank Luke and the sponsors and let you guys know about some of this stuff.

    Have a good day,

    Mike (aka Lucky SOB)

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    lucky SOB we are glad for ya!!!!!
    Good job!

  4. Congratulations! Thanks for the write up.

  5. Congratulations! It's great to read positive experiences these days.

  6. Very informative. Thanks.

  7. My wife just sent me a message that the CT is here! I guess I have to go to the range again, darn. LOL

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    Well I didnt get lucky enough to win it but I love my Lc9 and carry it everyday in my front or sometimes rear pocket, I bought a mini-tuck and belt from crossbreed but its so easy to pocket carry I dont bother with the crossbreed but it holds my Colt new agent perfect so it wasnt money wasted. And I ordered the Crimson trace laser just last night. :) Oh only problem I have had with the Ruger was the front sight dot fell out but I just bought some hi-vis paint and repainted it.

  9. So when I win the next round, anyone want my Console vault? They don't make one that fits my vehicle.


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    Glad you've finally got everything and are enjoying it Mike!

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hurtley View Post
    So when I win the next round, anyone want my Console vault? They don't make one that fits my vehicle.

    Sounds like an opportunity (excuse) to buy a new truck to me! LOL

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