Need help with WV/ Fl Non resident permit
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Thread: Need help with WV/ Fl Non resident permit

  1. Need help with WV/ Fl Non resident permit

    I am applying for a CCW in WV. I had decdided to go with the Nonres Fl lic because of better coverage and its cheaper when you consider its good for 7 years. However I recieved an email that was quoting WV law supposedly and it stated that WV would honor Fl non res only if the holder was not a WV resident. Does anyone know if this it true?

    WV isn't accepted in NM and TX where I travel alot. Do I have to have a WV permit along with my Fl non res to be leagal in my home state of WV?

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    Under West Virginia law, West Virginia residents may not use a reciprocal state's license to carry a concealed handgun in West Virginia. W.Va. Code 61-7-6a(a)(3).
    James M. "Jim" Mullins, Jr., Esq.
    Attorney, The Law Offices of James M. Mullins, Jr., PLLC
    Founder and Past President, West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

  4. Thanks for the link Jim, that clears it up. I had read that before and then checked the reciprocity maps but must have overlooked that "Must not be WV res..." part.

    Thanks again, looks like I will be appying for two CCW permits.

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