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Thread: Concealed carry to Doctor and Dentists offices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agabus View Post
    Hey to writing in these forums...but saw something that caused me to ponder a response. It was from Jerry12, about churches being shot up...etc. Yep, we do live in a bad world, but serve a Good God! So, to continue, I am a leader in my local church. Recently, my Pastor asked me to be the Director of Security. (ooo another title)...anyway, I do carry armed, and in a belt holster. However, I do try to keep it somewhat covered, either with a suit-coat, or a sweater. Either way, I can quickly sweep it aside if I had to. That said, I am also on the platform at times, and can see if there are any "odd" looking or suspicious looking (people or person)s visiting in the congregation. I also wander in the entryway, to see what is going on in the parking lot. .........Needless to say, I am not listed in the Church Directory as security, Both the Pastor and I don't want to place a "Bullseye" on my back.

    So, if any of you have any GOOD suggestions, I would welcome them. ....BTW, currently, I use a Taurus 709 slim. That is until I sell some of my items and can buy a Glock 23. (sigh).....

    Anyway, until next time, Good shooting, and concealment.
    First suggestion: Get rid of the Taurus, but I see you have that planned already.
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    Pa resident. Where I go. Mr. G23 is my companion. If they don't allow it. They don't need my business. SIMPLE.

  4. Where legal, always carry, never tell. I have carried while making those visits, but some planning as to what you'll carry and where/how, if you have choices, may make it both easier to conceal your carry and more comfortable to do so. Flat on one's back for a long dental procedure is not really comfortable, and a double-stack .45 in the wrong location could make it downright painful. There are places (such as MRI) where NO metal is wanted & that needs to be planned ahead of time ("Oh, I was so concerned about the MRI that I forgot to feed my guard gerbil in the truck. I'll just be a minute").

    As much as possible, I do "doctor-shop" and "hospital-shop", just like I do other businesses, to see if any have posted "no guns" signs that have the force of law. Those that do post are not my primary choice if/when I need something.

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    Every time I've been to the Doc I've carried but it's been in a coat or vest pocket so they never know but one time when I went to the emergency room due to a kidney stone and had my 45 in my coat (heavy riding leather) and not expecting to but I was admitted and had to strip so all my belongings were put on a chair then a nurse came in and had to borrow the chair for another patient's family member so she picked up my clothes and said "my that's a very heavy jacket whatcha hidin in there a gun or something" and I said "or something" and she winked and said "not to worry I won't say a word, I carry too". I wonder how it would've turned out if she would've been one of those paranoid anti-gunners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    An MRI is much more fun. I carried to the hospital to get my MRI. Simply locked the gun up in the locker with the rest of my clothes, only for the duration of the actual MRI.
    Can you imagine the fun you'd have with it in the MRI? That thing would be all over the place. As far as the doctor's office, depends on the doctor. There are restrictions on carrying into buildings where mental health issues are handled even if you are not the one going in for that reason.
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    I have a number of patients that carry, if I'm going to do something and the gun is in the way they just put in on the table. Not a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence Ranch View Post
    I've noticed some recent posts suggesting that people might be hesitant to carry to doctor or dentist appointments, and I'm wondering why. It's never become an issue for me, and I am regularly in the dentist chair. My dentist knows I carry, and has no issue with it. I have even gone to the doctor for minor surgery, and after disrobing told the nurses and doctor that I am a CCW holder, and my weapon is holstered and safe under my stack of clothes. They just shrugged and said, "Oh, that's fine. Thank you." And I live in Cal-LEFT-fornia!
    So you're telling us that you left a firearm unsecured while you were having surgery?
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    When I visited my dentist yesterday, he asked if I had gotten my new gun yet. We had talked about it about a year ago. I said yes; he leaned over and asked it I had it with me. We went to his office for him to take a look at it (safely). Came out to annoyed assistant trying to keep him on schedule.

    If we had a Dentist Interaction thread, this would go in it.

  10. CCW class from church

    Quote Originally Posted by jerry12 View Post
    As many churches have been shot up lately people need to carry in them.
    Old thread I know, My church holds concealed carry classes.

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    It's a moot point here, since damned near everything medical in the Cleveland area is Cleveland Clinic, and EVERY Clinic facility I've ever been in was posted.

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