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    I have had a question about this issue. What happens to the records that the FFL fills out when you buy a gun? Is that accessible to the state? If it is that is a defacto registration for anything going through an FFL.
    Depends on the state. In Washington, for handguns transferred by an FFL, the answer is yes. In most states, no.
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    For what it's worth, whenever I do a private sell (both of them) I ask the buyer to meet at my favorite gun store and I have the gun store do a 4473 and background check before exchanging funds. Just to cover my behind I even did it when selling a Ruger hunting pistol to my brother. At least here in Indianapolis my store only charges $10, and I'll pay that for the peace of mind of not possibly having ATF or police show up and ask about a purchase I made being used in a crime.
    Best way to go, IMHO. (Just to be sure.)

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