Good In The Waistband Holster?
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Thread: Good In The Waistband Holster?

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    Good In The Waistband Holster?

    Now that Wisconsin will have CCW as of NOV 1st what would be a good In the waste band holster?

  3. Whatever you find comfortable

  4. Crossbreed Supertuck!

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    whateverworks best for YOU and only YOU.i carry in a crossbreed supertuck (horse hide option) and love it. glaco also makes a "version of the crossbreed" called the king tuck.

    hope it helps

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    I opted to with a local maker might take a look offers iwb &owb holsters,mag.carriers
    and belts
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  7. A Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe has been inside my trousers for several of my EDC guns. The Galco King Tuck for the Glock G17 can hold several different Glock pistols (G17, G19, G36, G26, G22, G23, and G27).

    Simply Rugged holster have seen the inside of my trousers for the Ruger GP100 and SP101 revolvers and 1911 pistols. They are made to high standards and can be worn IWB, OWB, strong side or cross-draw.

    I also have holsters from UBG for my Bersa .45, 9mm, and .380 pistols but prefer the Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe to them.

    For my money; I find the Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe to be the most comfortable to wear, easy to adjust to my body style, and with the combat cut and horsehide the most desirable for hot Georgia summers.

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    Since you are in WI, check out this WI based business, Cleveland's Holsters
    I bought one from him a few months back and I love it. It's a hybrid holster, just like the Crossbreed is. Great prices and wait time. Mine took just over a week to make and ship to me. My holster wasn't one of his "In Stock" holsters. Plus, at the time I ordered, he had gotten a good deal on material, so he offered $10 off your holster purchase. Since the upgrade to horsehide is $10 and with that current deal, I upgraded to horsehide for free.
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    There is a sticky.. You will find that Crossbreed ST lead the options.... There is a reason.

    I really like the horsehide model.

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