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    While the politicians in Nevada made a mistake two years ago with Utah, their concealed carry laws still demonstrate a lot more respect toward the Constitution, as well as the right of the individual to defend and protect the lives of their family members, than the State of New York in which I reside.

    Simple, concealed carry licenses need to be treated and respected nationwide just like a driver's license - Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danieljoe1 View Post
    As a Nevada resident, I feel obliged to inform you that an organization known as the NSCA voted to remove UT from our reciprocity agreement. The good residents had nothing to do with the decision. As a resident of Elko County, I can tell you that I travel into UT a great deal for shopping, religious reasons, and family. Yes, I am Mormon. Yes, I carry and am prepaired to use it to stop a threat. Yes, it does agree with my reliion. A family, the proclamation to the world states that I am supposed to preside over my family affairs, provide for my family, and PROTECT my family. Removing my ability to carry concealed (as I chose to) would be akin to violating both 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Personally I think NV needs to change our state laws to allow for ANY other states CCW to be valid. I know it wont happen, to many are afraid of guns in Vegas and Reno\Carson to allow that to happen.

    I can understand your frustrations, we here in Nevada have to deal with this group on almost all our gun laws. It seems state legislature listens more to the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association than their own constituents, and pisses most of the state off. Unfortunately, that does not include Washoe or Clark counties. This whole non UT permit stems over the simple fact you do not have to show proficiency to obtain your permit. Freaking stupid if you ask me, this unvoted for "association" has obtained the power to tell us who's permit will be honored or not. I guess in 2013 I will have to fire up Nevada Shooters to see if we cant get the legislature to change their minds about who they let tell us who's permit will be honored.
    I agree with your staement. If we have to have permits, they should be honored like drivers licences.
    Question for you, you state "Yes, I am Mormon. Yes, I carry and am prepaired to use it to stop a threat. Yes, it does agree with my reliion". Then you are aware that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, prohibits firearms in their "houses of worship" in Utah? I'm not picking on the religion but you said you travel to UT for religious reasons also just curious if it's an issue with members.
    Utah Department of Public Safety

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