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  1. Ruger P97???

    I just got a Ruger P97 DC .45 off my dad, and I was wondering what y'all think of this gun and would it be a good one to carry concealed? I have plans to carry it, but I don't know much about the gun. All the feedback would b considered.

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    I carried a P-97 for a couple of years until I got tired of the large size of it. In fact, I still have my Don Hume holster that I used with it. It's a good gun, and I always enjoyed Rugers. It is a little top heavy when you shoot it, but that is because of the polymer frame and metal slide.

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    I really enjoy my p97. i carry 3 to 4 oclock position with a cant depending on my clothes. quite comfy to carry around. it's always performed well even competed in a few IDPA matches with it got rolled by top notch 1911 in IPSC but had a lot of fun

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